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We all have our guilty pleasures, right? Mine usually involve way too much VH1 reality TV and rocky road ice cream. Our lovely brand manager, Kelley, and I were talking about how we also have guilty design pleasures, and I’m willing to bet you do, too.

Kitschy Accessories

Who doesn’t love a Little Red Riding Hood key hook or a few ceramic owls placed strategically around the house? I most certainly do. The kitschy, the better!

These fantastic finds are from Three Potato Four shop.

That ’70s Afghan

Ok, so not to knock crocheting, but I’ve seen pictures of some, let’s say, interesting afghans my mom use to wear in the ’70s. While I use to be a little horrified, I’ve since grown to love the idea of handmade pieces and kind of heart those multi-colored things now.

Urban Outfitters has the perfect throw and pillow to remind me of my mom’s fab afghans.

More Plates Than I’ll Ever Need

Another thing I inherited from my mother is her love of plates (she has over nine complete sets of china!). I’m always looking for adorable new plates to add to my collection.

Plates from Rosanna, Inc.

So, tell us. . .what do you love (or are obsessed with) that you’re a little embarrassed to admit?


Design Inspiration

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