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Next time you pick up that favorite film and pop it into your DVD player, take a closer look at the screen. You might take away a little more than a few tear-soaked tissues and empty popcorn bags.

Recently, I stumbled upon not one, but two homes inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved series, The Lord of the Rings. The first, courtesy of NY Times, is a vacation house in Barbados that seems to draw much of its inspiration from the fictional, Elven city of Rivendel.

Thatched roofs and wooden patterns that act as centerpieces of every room. Clean, bright colors and expansive windows. Design that harkens back to nature.

The second LOTR-inspired home I happened upon was a low-impact “woodland home” a man built for his family in Wales.

Taking some cues from the Shire where Hobbits live in hillside holes, this home isn’t just a habitable homage; it’s also eco-friendly, made completely from natural materials.

Movies don’t always have to inspire the design of an entire home. They can also simply inspire certain rooms in a home. Take the below photo for example, courtesy of the Washington Post. Modeled after Diane Keaton’s kitchen in the film Something’s Gotta Give, the family who chose to tackle this kitchen project fell in love with the film version’s white cabinets, abundant storage space, and windows that let streams of natural light into the open area.

Is there a movie you’ve seen recently that has inspired you to make some kind of change to your home?


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4 Responses

  1. Linda McMillan says:

    hgtv is the absolute worst site for 1)getting around on and 2)content. Way too much "stuff" per page and very distracting layout for "design" oriented content

  2. Alex says:

    Wow! Thank you for this blog post. I love the fantasy-like qualities of the homes you showcased, and can definitely see the connection to Lord of the Rings. You should write something about Beetlejuice inspired home decor! THAT would be fascinating.

  3. Pat D. says:

    Very interesting observations. Always looking for new avenues of inspiration.

  4. Joper Flop says:

    I definatley agree with Alex, a Beetlejuice inspired home would be wildly fun.

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