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After two years of searching all over Manhattan, I bought a home! I’m so tangled in the red tape that I haven’t had time to think about actually LIVING there. It’s an old department store that was converted into a co-op: 800 square feet with 17-foot brick barrel ceilings. The previous owner drywalled  the brick ceilings and walls and painted them an awful red faux finish. There’s an ugly staircase and salmon colored marble on every surface in the kitchen.

I thought living in my new space sans aesthetic improvements would be okay for the time being but now that I’m about to move in, I’ve had a change of heart. So I’ve prioritized: 2 cheap changes with a big impact.

First: The faux finish will be covered in a clean white paint to brighten and modernize the space. My second improvement is will surprise you…I want a swing. It’ll remind me not to take this so seriously. I’ve been consumed by the stress of buying, so the swing serves as a reminder that even though this new home is a huge responsibility, it’s first and foremost, HOME.  So, What kind of swing do I choose?

This swing was on Apartment Therapy:

It reminds me of the swing we had at summer camp overlooking the lake.

How about this one? It reminds me of my backyard swing from my childhood home:

Ahhh, the Bubble Chair. A pricey modern classic. I love how it doesnt block the view:

The wicker hanging chair is a common option. It comes in many shapes and styles:

I love that these chairs look like they were made out of twigs and rope:

Which hanging chair do you think I should go with or are you totally opposed to my hanging chair idea all together?

8 Responses

  1. Renee says:

    I love the swing that was on Apartment Therapy! I loved the color! That light blue made me feel whinsical!

  2. Bob says:

    I prefer the simple swing that reminds us of our youth. It would look great in an apartment and not take up alot of space!

  3. lawyogi says:

    Swings are sooo cool! I love the hanging chair idea, but make sure you get a few so you can share the fun with your friends!

  4. jaime says:

    I am drawn to the blue bench. It doesn't have to be that color but i like the idea of sitting and sharing it with someone as opposed to the one person ones. In the same vein i like the idea of two one person ones facing each other like that one with the doggie. Either way invite me over when it's up!

  5. indy says:

    tire swing!!!

  6. mistypritchett says:

    I really like the blue swing with lots of cozy pillows.

  7. Karen says:

    where did you find the swings that look like twigs? I love the bubble chair..thinking about getting one for my house.

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