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Sadly, soaking for me usually means I’ve managed to stain a favorite piece of clothing, and doing laundry includes an extra step. In the Japanese culture, however, soaking is a ritual intended to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and renewal. I can’t think of one adult I know (including me) who couldn’t use a little time in a soaking tub. No cell phones allowed! Sound good?

Just run the water nice and hot and step inside.

Image by Fawn Art Photography

Designer David Hertz tucked this fabulous tub into an Asian-inspired bathroom. Soaking tubs have been considered a luxury trend in bathrooms along with other amenities such as heated floors and televisions. They are as beautiful as they are useful.

 This bathroom beauty is handmade by traditional Japanese craftsmen at Ki Arts.

This bathroom beauty is crafted at Ki Arts in California. Traditional tubs are built so that the bather can sit upright and be immersed in water up to the chin. Most tubs are round or square and are deeper than a typical bathtub. They are not meant for bathing but rather for soaking after one has bathed. And there are no jets. The water is still, quiet and calm.

If you don’t have plans to renovate a bathroom any time soon or just aren’t sure if soaking is for you, see if any spas within driving distance have a focus on soaking.  Check out this sweet retreat in Asheville, North Carolina.

Oh, to soak among the oaks!

Oh, to soak among the oaks!

Now that is my kind of vacation.
Do you have a Japanese soaking tub in your home? If not, would you give up your bathtub’s jets for the serenity of a good soak?


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  1. love soaking in a deep tub.I am always searching for the most relaxing soothing tub…. love the concrete one.
    Some of the most wonderful ones are the Japanese covered deep seating wood tubs, filled with nearly unbearable hot spring water.Your body temperature is so high that you can spend a winter night in a freezing non heated ryokan (traditional japanese inn) and not even feel the cold

  2. Leslie Judson says:

    I want to go there. :)

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