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We all live hectic lives and for me, living in New York City is especially chaotic.  So my one indulgence is buying flowers from my neighborhood bodega.  Flowers are an inexpensive way to add instant color to any room and for less than 10 dollars, it makes our apartment feel more calm and inviting.



So, what’s your favorite indulgence that you can’t live without that brightens your mood and space?         




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  1. Brienne says:

    I do the same thing- I purchase flowers as an indulgence. Especially for my bedroom, or bathroom. It's a beautiful touch to a room. I use it as a little reward too. If I cleanout everything I'm not wearing out of my closet, and reorganize, my reward is flowers. It works!

    I also can't help but splurging for that perfectly-scented candle. When I fall in love with one, I always buy it. I light candles almost every day.

  2. Shelley Wooldridge says:

    Why is it then whenever I watch the design or makeover shows, everyone always wants the same things? I can't tell you how many shows Iv'e seen where someone wants a "spa bathroom" look or a "retreat" backyard area. Doesn't anyone have any individuality anymore? Everyone wants a "Gourmet" kitchen or a "hotel inspired" bedroom. I'm waiting for the show where someone dares to be different and want something different than everyone else.

  3. Kitten says:

    PLEASE OH PLEASE HELP!!! I have been living in my boyfriends house he obtained from his divorce, in Feb-08. I feel as though I've been patient because I allowed his daught to stay with her boyfriend for 7 months, his ex-brother-in-law lives with us and his EX-wife is living in an RV trailer in our drive-way. She has said she would leave but hasn't; we bought the wood flooring to put down and picked out our new paint colors but we haven't been able to due anything, because of Karl's busy schedule. PLEASE HELP !!!

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