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 Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved two things: Design, and television. So it’s a bit surprising that I didn’t pursue the field of tv set decorating. Some of my favorite rooms are not pulled from the pages of a magazine, but rather a television show I’ve watched.

When you think about the role of a set decorator, it’s really pretty remarkable. They, sometimes more than the actors themselves, must dig deep into a character’s personality – what kind of furniture would this person have? What would they put on their walls? How neat or messy would their bedroom be? These are the questions they must answer every day – sometimes with little preparation… the set needs to be ready tomorrow!

Here are a few of my favorites – tell me what your favorite rooms are!
One of the great decorators/designers out there is Melinda Ritz… she decorated the sets for “Will and Grace,” and countless other programs. She’s managed to capture a chic, urban feel that manages to look homey and inviting. I would gladly live in any room she’s designed. They’re that good.

Will and Grace Set

More of her work, both onset and off here.

I’m also a fan of the modern, seductive style of the sets from Nip/Tuck. Ellen Brill has a clean line and bold use of color that really captures the style and tone of the show.


Another favorite… Archie D’Amico, who has created the gorgeous color palette and look of the show Ugly Betty. It’s only fitting that a show focusing on the world of high fashion has a set to match!


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  1. karen says:

    i LOVE the sets from Brothers and Sisters!

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