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If you’re pondering unique ways to spruce up your lawn this spring, you might want to look up a man named Pearl Fryar. Trimming bushes, hedges and trees with more pinache than Edward Scissorhands, Pearl has become an icon in his native Bishopville, South Carolina. Pearl’s topiary garden isn’t just the subject of his neighbors’ envy, it’s also the subject of a new HGTV special, called, appropriately enough, A Man Named Pearl.

With no formal training, Pearl has been working on the scupltures in topiary garden for several years. His main incentive is to create beautiful pieces of art for everyone to enjoy.

Would you go to the same lengths as Pearl Fryar to keep up the appearance of your yard?


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18 Responses

  1. Tamaira Danyluk says:

    Wow Earl! You are an amazing person! Bless your heart for helping to make this God given earth a more beautiful place to experience. Warm regards, Tamaira

  2. Your property is so inspiring. I love to create in my yard too. I especially like your mott, Peace and Goodwill. Your work is absolutely beautiful.

  3. sherry thornton says:

    Truely inspirational. Loved the documentary and I'm hoping HGTV airs it again so my husband can see it and also be inspired.

  4. This is absolutely one of the most inspirational stories I have seen in a long time. If more of us were like Pearl, this world would be a much better place!

  5. What a marvelous, marvelous man. Pearl is an inspiration not just as a topiary artist, but an example of how the spirit of one person can spread his goodness and energy to all. Let there be more Pearls in this world!

  6. Joshua D. says:

    I'm hoping this plays again since I did not get to see the whole program the first time around (was on very late). Pearl's story and love for the topiary art is amazing. HGTV you should make a show "Landscaping Pearl's Way" where he can teach people how to do it all!

  7. Lori says:

    True art. Like a sculptor who sees something inside another, you have exposed the true nature of, well, nature! Disney will probably want to hire you!

  8. Taneka Bradley says:

    I've actually had the opportunity to meet Mr.Fryer and if i may say so he is the most inspiring man i have ever met. In addition to his beautiful garden, (which is even more breathtaking in person), Mr.Pearl has a beautiful heart and a honest soul.

  9. lyndseybra says:

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  10. Dan Townsend says:

    They're truly are Heros in this world! Pearl is the definition in the way he inspires us all!

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