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Do you need some decorating advice but you aren’t prepared to invest in an interior designer? Do you have a passion for design and want to meet others with similar interests? Would you like to join a vibrant community with lots of personality, encouragement and style? Spend some time on the HGTV.com Message Boards!

Check out some of the topics I found in General Decorating today. Princesssa needs to know how to separate a living room from a dining room. She posted her dilemma and had nearly ten replies in 3 days. In this post, ChrissyH needs suggestions for how to decorate her family room addition. She got help from several people including robbiesmom who used design software to illustrate window treatment options. And I was particularly interested in a thread about a deeply discounted online fabric sale. How does 4.99/yd. sound for drapery and upholstery fabric?

For inspiration re: color (including some heavy duty technical advice), check out our Color Message Board. In this thread KimberlyK gets advice on how to paint her nursery and worthitall seeks help with his home’s exterior. We have several Kitchen and Bath boards, boards on Remodeling, Real Estate, the HGTV Green Home and Gardening, to name a few. And I can’t talk about our message boards without mentioning our Quilting and Needlework community, nearly 60,000 members strong!

If you haven’t checked out our message boards, get registered here. If you do frequent the message boards, tell us about your experience. We want to know what you think.

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