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Need to do some last-minute Easter decor shopping? Check out HGTV.com MarketPlace. The MarketPlace team has amassed more than 1 million products of all kinds and packaged them in a kick-butt, user-friendly database. There are several ways to search including by topic, by room, by products featured on HGTV and by holiday – such as this page, featuring everything Easter. This year, I don’t have a lot of time to fuss with decorating, so I’ll focus on one thing – my dining room table.

Just for fun, I put together a few things that would treat my table (and my guests) well during this blessed holiday season. Products expert Mariana Gallegos made the task easier and a lot more fun, because I was able to “shop” among the hundreds of Easter-related items she had gathered and grouped into ”wish lists” such as this one for Easter entertaining. No clicking around. No searching. Easy as Easter pie.

(If you see something you like from my imaginary holiday tablescape below and you want to learn more, click the photo.)


A Lily of the Valley centerpiece. Three of them, in a row down the middle of the table.

A Lily of the Valley centerpiece. Three of them, lined up down the middle of the table – atop an heirloom, white tablecloth.

Rose Leaf Place Mats at every chair.

Bunny and Cabbage display dishes used exactly as Grandin Road has illustrated – as namecard holders for personalized Easter eggs. For evening gatherings, use a tealight instead.

Feather Ducks randomly placed around the centerpiece so that every guest can enjoy one. These are so realistic, it’s as if a family of feathered friends joined the celebration. You can’t get much more festive than that.

*This post was inspired by eTip$ - Everyday Tips for Practical Shoppinga fabulous blog written by Elizabeth Tipton, the MarketPlace shopping expert. I love scrolling through the product pictures and getting e-shopping tips, decorating inspiration and gift ideas at the same time.

Do you decorate for Easter? Have you designed an season-inspired tablescape? Will you shop for some new goodies this year? Have you already bought something egg-cellent? We’d really like to know.


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  1. LeanneTN says:

    I like to keep my Easter decor simple. Usually my daffodils have bloomed a couple of weeks earlier. I enjoy them for a while in the yard and then the day before Easter cut them for a centerpiece or two. If I can, I like to "borrow" some forsythia (sp?) from a neightbor. That way the dining room has pops of fresh, yellow color on the tabletops. Paired with white tablecloths, it is really lovely AND the scent is to die for.

    *I love the feather ducks. So cute. Those might have to become a part of the tradition.

  2. Doug says:

    My 2 kids have a blast decorating eggs for Easter. We spend a whole day and let them get as creative as they want to be. Before we're done, they've colored up dozens of eggs. My wife puts them in a big basket in the middle of the table for Easter lunch and then spend the afternoon hiding them. The whole ordeal makes my kids happy and gives us lots of memories and fun pictures. Then we enjoy sharing them with friends and neighbors – and of course, save my eggs for ourselves.

  3. Sarah James says:

    I too like the chicks. I will also try the forsythia. A simple and great idea.

  4. This is certainly tremendously good idea as heightened throughout the webpage. Enjoy discussing approximately.

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