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Whenever a new season starts, I get antsy to change things up a bit at a home. My budget, however, isn’t always as adventurous. My couch is looking mighty tired, but a new one will have to wait. One thing I do plan to do is swap out my pillows. To keep it simple, I stick to a standard size and just look for new covers — it changes things just enough.

We’ve covered pillows quite a bit before, but really, can you ever have enough? Never, I say! Below are a collection of a few mod, spring-y faves I’ve found (all eco-friendly, too — it is Earth Month after all!).


This handprinted pillow from Humble features non-toxic, water-based ink and a super-cute seahorse design.


Amenity has a whole line of nature-inspired pillows made with organic cotton, hemp and non-toxic inks. This one reminds me of double-exposure lomographic photos.


These animal print pillows from designer Ross Menuez have been around for years, but I still love them. If I had a kid, I’d deck her bed with them for a boost of whimsy.

Felt Pillow

I can’t go without an Etsy find. Albeit a bit feminine for my taste, these botanical pillows have a unique texture and depth, courtesy of the recycled felt, which — believe it or not — used to be plastic bottles.


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  1. Marilyn says:

    I couldn't agree more. You can definitely add a pop of color or change the whole decor of a room with something as simple as replacing your throw pillows! And yes, etsy is a great site. I just got a few pillows custom made with fabric I picked out, and they turned out fantastic! It was a seamstress on etsy.com by the name of yensew…

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  8. word696969 says:

    I like the petal pillows

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