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One summer when I was a kid visiting with my grandmother, I remember connecting with her about our mutual love of rocking chairs. She had two on the porch and most mornings that’s where I’d find her enjoying her breakfast while watching the comings and goings on the street. What is it about that gentle back and forth motion that simply calms us down?

In my last blog I mentioned that I recently attended the Architectural Digest Design Show (http://www.archdigesthomeshow.com/) and one exhibitor that captured my imagination was Laron Algren Woodworking. These ergonomic creations are simply exquisite. These chairs are comfortable, beautiful and easy on your mind and body.



Although I haven’t gotten around to getting a rocking chair for my own home I do love to find them in unexpected places like the one in the office of my co-worker Barbara. It certainly makes meetings there a little more fun. For more great rocking chairs check out Marketplace (http://marketplace.hgtv.com/).

Barbara K's rocking chair

Barbara K’s rocking chair


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  1. Linda Monroe says:

    We have a question regarding countertops. Some of our friends say that Quartz is safer to use as a countertop than granite, but many are still being talked into granite by store salemen. We were told that one countertop installer said he would not feed his dog on granite. Please end this debate for us.

  2. Joanne says:

    HGTV, I watch your channel as often as I can and would like your help in planning a special place in my backyard. You see my husband recently passed away, he was only 56 years young. We recently moved to the carolinas for retirement, one of our summer goals was to put a tropical garden in the back corner of the yard with a bench so he had somewhere to sit in the shade after cutting the lawn. I promised him I would do this for him, when it was time for him to move to his place with God. Can you help me?

  3. ModernBettyHGTV says:

    I love the fresh modern design of Eames and I just recently bought an Eames Rocker from Ebay for my kid's room. I look forward to rocking my baby to sleep in style when it comes.

  4. Lindsey Weidhorn says:

    I love barbra Ks rocker! I've always imagined having a house upstate with a wrap around porch filled with rocking chairs!

  5. Is there a good cell phone tracker app for the iphone that actually works?

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