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Working at HGTV usually makes me hungry for design, but rarely does it make me hungry for tasty treats…that is until I got to spend the day with Food Network’s Sandra Lee who makes a guest appearance on the upcoming HGTV Green Home 2009 show (Sunday, April 19th – 8pm).  While we were in beautiful Florida shooting our 1-hr special, Sandra stopped by with two of the most gorgeous, edible ‘green’ centerpieces you’ve ever seen!  She’ll share the actual recipes with everyone in the upcoming weeks on www.hgtv.com, but for now I just want to whet your appetite with her incredible concoctions.  One was a vegetable and herb centerpiece reminiscent of a French countryside veggie platter & dip combo – all served raw and in its natural state.  She used a green on green color palette for this one. 

 The second one was far from monochromatic… it’s a produce tower that literally includes every color of the rainbow!

Do you have any suggestions for edible centerpieces?  After all, what’s greener than a centerpiece that doesn’t need to be thrown away after the party!


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  1. Charmaine says:

    I really love the way these edible arrangements turned out!! http://randalswife.blogspot.com/2009/03/why-i-do-

  2. Dear Sabrina Soto: I am a loyal fan and have watched HGTV for over a yr. I have a disability and need to move and sell my home fast. My washer over-flowed a few yrs. back and no one will buy it in the condition it is in. This home was an estate house, and I have been updating as best I can. Moved in 1994 & now Mike is 16 yr.old. Love, Claudia

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