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For those studio apartment dwellers whose space is more than limited, take note: Just because you live in a small area doesn’t mean you can’t make it look cool and spacious. There are several interesting ways you can make an apartment appear to be larger than it actually is.

Courtesy, Apartment Therapy

Courtesy, Apartment Therapy

Painting walls different colors adds contrast and depth, and can make any room seem more expansive.

Courtesy, Apartment Therapy

Courtesy, Apartment Therapy

Even something as simple as adding a few potted plants to a desk or table top can add dimension.

Courtesy, Apartment Therapy

Courtesy, Apartment Therapy

Windows bring natural light pouring into a room, making it look more open and bright. If you’re bored with curtains, try hanging ivy or potted plants around or in front of  a window to give a layered, filtered look.

Do you have any unique ideas or tips on how to maximize your small spaces?


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  1. Di says:

    I'm just learning about this because I am just now downsizing from 2400 sq ft to 1300 on three levels. I do know that calling the title "cramped" is not a good start. I'm moving to Italy where small is the norm and social life is centered on the community outdoors spaces rather than the home. I just think Americans are very spoiled and are just now seeing how this is affecting the whole world. Let's call it "Intimate" not "cramped".

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