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I’m a big fan of color blocking and have imagined ways to create my own color blocked wall. But I’ve never considered anything like this!

Rainbow wall treatment. No painting required.

Custom DIY rainbow wall treatment; no painting required.
Image from Design*Sponge.

A designer in our New York offices found this cool and colorful wall treatment listed under What’s Hot in Google Reader. No wonder; what a great idea! Writer/filmmaker Scott Prendergast gathered about 500 paint samples to create the massive collage. After determining a pattern, he used Mod Podge to affix the samples to the wall. “The walls of my (1930s) apartment are wallpapered,” Scott says. “And they have been painted over many, many times. When I move out, I can simply strip the wall of the wallpaper and repaint. Easy as pie.”

<em>Image from Design*Sponge.</em>

Image from Design*Sponge.

You can learn more about Scott’s project from the artist’s perspective on Design*Sponge. (Check out the comments.) I love this particularly colorful quote: “Maybe we could all use a creative project to relieve some tension?”

If you could use a creative project but you’re not ready to take on an entire wall of mixing and matching paint swatches, focus on a smaller section of the wall or create a framed masterpiece. No matter the size, your paint swatch artwork is sure to turn heads.


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3 Responses

  1. barbara says:

    Love the wall, but that bedspread has GOT TO GO! :-)

  2. Zoe says:

    :0 CHATERS!!!……..It looks like you guys used the paint examples from like Home Depot. It is still cool lokking.

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