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My mom was the decorating decider in our home growing up. She made all choices about home décor (including the pink in my bedroom despite the fact that my favorite color was purple). We did, however, get to choose our own placemats but I’m not sure why that was the area where we got our say (maybe it was mom’s clever way of getting us to use them and save her table top). Of course as children we gravitated to the kitschy plastic placemats with the colorful fruit patterns. These days my tastes have grown up a bit and even if I’m having a simple meal I like a beautiful placemat to dress up the table.

There are some easy instructions for creating your own placemats on HGTV.com:
Metal and Ribbons http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/metal-and-ribbon-placemats/index.html
Paper and Rope http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/paper-and-rope-placemat/index.html

I also found these lovely placemats at Market Place www.hgtv.com/marketplace

reversable placemat at Pier1.com

reversable placemat at Pier1.com



Coral Placemat at wrapables.com

Coral Placemat at wrapables.com

Do you have simple ways to dress up your table?


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