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You didn’t think we’d leave High Point without giving you a peek at Candice Olson’s new pieces, did you? We stopped by Norwalk Furniture’s showroom yesterday and were greeted by her incredible new color scheme of truffles and ice. Candice’s combinations of serene blues, grey-browns and bright whites create a relaxing, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

The Ollie Sectional is the newest piece of her popular Ollie collection. With it’s sleek style and versatility in fabric, arm and leg choices, it’s the perfect addition to any family room.

<!–more See more of Candice’s sophisticated furniture –>

My favorite new pieces is the Calvin chair. One of the things Candice does best is taking a classic style and adding her own unique touch to it. The Calvin chair is a tribute to the timeless wingback, but the deep pitch and exaggerated curves bring an updated, sexy vibe to the design.

We have an exclusive interview with Norwalk experts coming soon. Just wait until you see the Calvin chair in white leather!

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  1. lisa kornhauser says:

    Saw the kitchen makeover for the gentleman who is in the fashion buisness and had a fabulous house and all the rooms were great except the kitchen. Candice removed the bathroom in the kitchen and did white cabinetry, crystal chandelier and I can't find it on line. Want to replicate…how do I find it? Best Kitchen I have seen…

  2. lisa says:

    How do we hire you? The best I have seen at remodel ideas?

  3. carol says:

    nobody does it like candace. i am so jealous when i watch these people getting there dreams come true. whatn a designer.the very best. keep up the good work. and as i say to my nephew in afganastan. keep your head in the game…carol

  4. Sally says:

    Candace is one of my favorite TV designers but her new show isn't cutting it.

  5. Rod Tymus says:

    Hi Candence. I just watch the episode on "Rythym". I loved that sectional in the sitting room. Can you please tell me who made it and where I can buy it. I love you show and watch it all the time.

    Thank you so much.

  6. J. Viglini says:

    Candice has always been my favorite all time designer on HGTV. The things she does are timeless and done with such class. I love her new show, but miss the old one so very much. Her team felt like members of my family. Chico, Terry, Lorne, Edward and so many more. They made learning so much fun. I hope they never cancel her show for one of the new, far-out and faddish ones.

  7. Brenda Ross says:

    Candice Olson is my favorite designer but David Bromstad is amazing too.
    House Hunters is my favorite program – I love how you get the most interesting variety of people and how you include animals.
    You are my favorite channel.

  8. Vickie Taylor says:

    Hi Candace,

    I just love your show and your sense of humor. I have watched just about all your shows. I would love
    to know where you buy your crystal chandeliers. I am looking one to install in my bathroom. Love your crew
    and just everything connected with the show. Keep up this fascinating career.

  9. alice says:

    What was the name of the artist that you were so thrilled with on your "nature' inspired show? He put in a lot of "light" dots
    into his painting. The show aired Jan. 16, 2012 in CA. Thank you.

  10. Maggie says:

    Where can you buy Candice's furniture? Please let us know. I love her style and would love for her to do a room in my hosue. I am in NY. I have been trying to get someone from your show to come to my house for the longest. Keep up the good work.


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