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You didn’t think we’d leave High Point without giving you a peek at Candice Olson’s new pieces, did you? We stopped by Norwalk Furniture’s showroom yesterday and were greeted by her incredible new color scheme of truffles and ice. Candice’s combinations of serene blues, grey-browns and bright whites create a relaxing, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

The Ollie Sectional is the newest piece of her popular Ollie collection. With it’s sleek style and versatility in fabric, arm and leg choices, it’s the perfect addition to any family room.

<!–more See more of Candice’s sophisticated furniture –>

My favorite new pieces is the Calvin chair. One of the things Candice does best is taking a classic style and adding her own unique touch to it. The Calvin chair is a tribute to the timeless wingback, but the deep pitch and exaggerated curves bring an updated, sexy vibe to the design.

We have an exclusive interview with Norwalk experts coming soon. Just wait until you see the Calvin chair in white leather!

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92 Responses

  1. Annis says:

    I love Candice Olson! When my oil well comes in I want her to design the interior of my mansion on the hill. She along with Vern Yip and the lady who does the sweepstakes houses every year are my favorite designers on HGTV.

    I love the sectional and the Calvin Chair.

  2. Pil says:

    I will be so privilege to have Candise Olsen design my kitchen/living room. She is a blessing of a designer and so down to earth.
    Wish I can make this dream come true…

  3. Tina Frizzell says:

    Candice Olson is my favorite designer! I love her styles. And her personality. And I love Chico! Also I am crazy about David Bromstad, especially his paintings. I paint also and love everything he does. I really like the new show called Pure Design, too. Hope to see more of it.

  4. Renee says:

    Candice Olson you are my Design Hero!! Your forward-thinking designs have certainly inspired design choices in my home. I honestly think you could make a hut look like a four-star suite. You are truly gifted!

  5. Sara says:

    Candice is my favorite designer of all time, unfortunately she is not doing any houses in US! if she were I would defiantly wanted her to redo my house.

  6. Audrey McGuire says:

    All of these new designer furniture are just wonderful. It gives these creative people another outlet to grow. HGTV how about an idea! I amoung other wanabe decorators would love a forum where we could go to learn,touch,feel,& design with the help of your tv design team. Like a camp!. How about cooking something up I would be there…

  7. Candice you are my favorite designer on HGTV your designs are clean and simple with elegance also you have a great crew on your show thank you . Brijida White

  8. Sary says:

    Candice Olson is one of our favorite designers and we love her sense of style and creativity. I do not have a sense of style whatsoever and I need her help! She is a very talented person and her work is amazing! I wish she was here in the U.S; I would call her in a heartbeat to come help us decorate our new home.

  9. Carol Lawson says:

    Candice is an original. Wonderful designs and use of color. I love the crew, Paul, Edmond, and Chico. Even my husband watches and show with me and loves her style.Thank You.

  10. DawnMarie says:

    Candace Olsen is my favorite designer on HGTV!
    I discovered this channel about eight years ago while flipping channels.
    I stopped at that channel and it feels as though I have never left!
    HGTV has so many great designers favorites include: Vern Yip (I helped him design a kitchen while employed at IKEA!); Also love David Bromstad, Kevin Brown, Angelo Surmelis, and on, and on, and on,…
    Cancace keep up your great "Diva" designs!

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