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You didn’t think we’d leave High Point without giving you a peek at Candice Olson’s new pieces, did you? We stopped by Norwalk Furniture’s showroom yesterday and were greeted by her incredible new color scheme of truffles and ice. Candice’s combinations of serene blues, grey-browns and bright whites create a relaxing, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

The Ollie Sectional is the newest piece of her popular Ollie collection. With it’s sleek style and versatility in fabric, arm and leg choices, it’s the perfect addition to any family room.

<!–more See more of Candice’s sophisticated furniture –>

My favorite new pieces is the Calvin chair. One of the things Candice does best is taking a classic style and adding her own unique touch to it. The Calvin chair is a tribute to the timeless wingback, but the deep pitch and exaggerated curves bring an updated, sexy vibe to the design.

We have an exclusive interview with Norwalk experts coming soon. Just wait until you see the Calvin chair in white leather!

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92 Responses

  1. Love, love, love the furniture! I can't wait to see it in June when Highpoint has their big sale, (where a group of women go every year for a girl's ultimate shopping weekend.) Candace has always been my favorite designer also! Wish she would do some makeover shows in Michigan…we're not that far from Canada. Love your Style Girl..Keep showing the big boys how it's done!

  2. Judy Bonds says:

    I would love to see Candace do some budget- friendly designs and/or makeovers. Also I would love to know what happened to Paul, the carpenter.

  3. A Beal says:

    Hi Candice,
    I simply love your designs!! Is it true that you will not do a make over in the USA?:( If this is just a vicious rumor :) Can you pleaaaaaase re-do my basement? My husband also loves your style.
    Thank you,

  4. Annette McKenna says:

    I think Candice has such a warm, inviting, charming not to mention classy personality and its just shows in her work. With some other designers it's sometimes hit or miss (I may or may not like the design) but with Candice I have never been disappointed. I use to think that my husband and I would never agree on a design or designer but he also loves everything Candice does…. I think he may even have a little curse on her lol.

  5. Kay Fletcher says:

    Candice is my favorite designer of all!! Chico my favorite electrician! Your creations have helped me redefine some of my spaces, would welcome your expertise in my home.

  6. [...] The Calvin chair from The Candice Olson Collection is gorgeous. Get more details on her line here. [...]

  7. Deborah Isaac says:

    I love Candice's designs and would also love to hire her to design spaces in our house in NY, but barring that I would love to find out how to purchase the tile backsplash that she installed in Steven's suburban kitchen. Where can I get information on how to purchase that tile?

  8. Carolyn Keys says:

    Hi Candice,
    You are our favorite designer. We bought our first home about 16 months ago. It is an old house with lots of charm and we love this house. It has been neglected for so long and it has so much potential. We wish we can get Candice to design and makeover our Kitchen. How can we hire Candice?

  9. Tara says:

    I am a so picky when it comes to design…but I would let Candice Olsen in my house any time. She Rocks!!!

  10. Anna says:

    Candice Olsen rocks, even my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter loves her work and sits and intently watches her shows. Then she wanders Nannys's house and plans her decorating schemes. :-)

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