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I really enjoyed reading the chronicles of the High Point Furniture Market from my fellow editors, Chelsey and Leslie. (I’m jealous you guys met Angelo – he’s so cool.) I love seeing the unusual stuff in Leslie’s vlogs (I sooooo want the crazy-cool diva lounger. If it had built-in speakers and magic fingers it would be perfect!)

Thought I’d share some of my favorite unique/artistic furniture pieces – stuff I really don’t think you’d see at High Point. Check out this line of ultra-fun, Dr. Seuss-like furniture from Straight Line Designs.

I love when furniture is made from recycled stuff – like this furniture made from old bicycle parts.

Remember when pedestrian signs went from words to pictures? Some ingenious person made chairs with all the leftovers. (The Road Tested Chair from Uncommongoods.com.)

Road Tested Chair from Uncommongoods.com

This is my personal fave (especially because my husband made it). It’s an oil-drum bathroom vanity with a deep stainless sink, hardwood top and lots of storage underneath.

Oil-drum bathroom vanity -stainless-steel sink, hardwood top, lots of storage. (I'm bragging - my husband made this)

6 Responses

  1. Jill Myers says:

    Very cool looking stuff..The dresser would be fantastic in a kids room with a complete Dr Suess theme.
    The sink is so creative.I'd love one for my laundry room.
    Nice finds

  2. buellersway says:

    These pieces are great because they are completely unique and just plain fun. Incorporating them into a room design would be a neat experience and I wonder if making a themed room with other pieces of furniture of the same design would be too much of a shock to walk into unawares. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. BL Myers says:

    Anything thats different piques my interest, especially loved the "drum-sink" imagine how you could decorate around it, different colors, light fixtures, etc…loved it!!!!

  4. AM Hirsch says:

    I LOVE the wonderful creative artistry. I enjoy when the artists utilize everyday items that would be thrown out & made into beautiful workable useful everyday products. Hooray to the bicycyle wheels that were made into a sleek elegant table. Kudos to the table that certainly would fit into an loft in Manhattan, the 55 gallon drum is ingenious as a sink that can be placed in a multituded of homes with countless color themes & lastly the Dr. Suess furniture is amazing.

  5. Cathy Elsin says:

    I absolutely adore the bathroom vanity and the Dr Seuss furniture would be perfect in my nephew's room.

  6. Henry Lee says:

    Wow, the creativity!
    Thanks for this beautiful furniture masterpieces :)

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