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Living Wall Garden
A vertical garden plot tops my list of planting to-dos this spring — not only because they’re attention-getting and verdant, but because the squirrels in my backyard love to dig up my plants. A simple, mounted wall planter will keep things green and out of reach.

Vertical gardens are an old-school idea (think: the ivy-covered, brick walls of academia or viny trellises) that folks are adopting for more and more purposes — especially eco-friendly ones. Urban planners use them to add more greenery and fresh air (remember, plants are purifying) to inner-city areas, and some green builders rely on green walls — and green roofs — to help insulate homes naturally.

Most folks (myself included) aren’t ready for a full-scale project, but there are smaller, less expensive options. I’ve earmarked this simple wall garden project from eco-architect Michelle Kaufmann. Kaufmann relies on a vertical planter panels and fills them with succulents, which means less watering. She even leaves some panels open — just for some dirt to show through — and that means less plants to buy. A few small 20×20 panels — filled with variously textured plants — will add a nice accent to my otherwise boring fence. (Kaufmann has a handy video, too, so you can see the assembly and final product.)

There are also year-round options for inside the house. Indoor kits come with more decorative frames, but usually cost more (this cedar one is about $189.00), but they’re a genius — and again, purifying — artwork alternative. If I succeed outside, an indoor planter is my next goal. The window sill and shelves in my bedroom are overrunning with plant clutter. And while I love greenery, sometimes there’s such thing as too much.

Tell Us: Do you do anything beyond the standard pot and and plant to give your garden a unique style?


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7 Responses

  1. Thank you for the interesting idea for art outside and in. It is worth checking out. Looks lovely as well.
    Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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  3. Pat Mayer says:

    Yeah, it is true that the idea of vertical gardening is not a new idea. At home, beside my vertical flower, I also tried planting veggies vertically. Malabar night shade grows well if they are place vertically. Cut bamboos are a good place to plant veggies

  4. Pat Mayer says:

    Yeah, it's really an interesting thing to do the vertical gardening. I also tried to do the same vertical gardening for my malabar night shade veggies. They grows well vertically.

  5. Fencing Mandurah says:

    Thank you for posting it looks awesome and unique to put a plants in a fence, thank you.

    Colorbond Fencing Mandurah

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