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If you’ve been reading our High Point Furniture Market posts, you know that Chelsey and I were thrilled to meet Angelo Surmelis of HGTV’s Rate My Space.

Angelo Surmelis of <em>Rate My Space</em>

He was incredibly gracious and spent some time with us just before heading to the airport. Our #1 topic of conversation: his furniture line! Here’s more info, in his own words!

For photos of Angelo’s furniture and so much more, check out his website, The Design Geek. For more exclusive info from High Point Furniture Market, see all of our coverage here including more Angelo video.

If you had the opportunity to interview Angelo, what would you want to know? What would you ask him?

49 Responses

  1. Staci says:

    The man just rocks. Simple. I have seen the line and I am a fan of the style and value. I have had the pleasure of meeting him and he is even better in person. Thank you for always inspiring me Angelo and for your passion regarding all things style!

  2. Judy says:

    I always got up every AM, grabbed my coffee and turned on HGTV to watch 24 hr design. Now I can't find it and I really miss watching all three of them. They were just great. Wish it was back on. Got alot of good ideas.

  3. Demmi says:

    If there ever was a TV personality that made me smile, feel good and I also learned something from, it's this guy! Thank you for being you, Angelo.

  4. Leslie Judson says:

    Hi Judy,

    24 Hour Design is still airing in the AM. You can find airtimes on the 24 Hour Design show page here on HGTV.com. Scroll up in the comments to get more info.

  5. Kim says:

    If I had the opportunity to interview Angelo, I would want to know where/how he got his start. Also, Angelo has such a pleasant personality and is so likeable. How does he do it? Does he ever get mad or what makes him angry?

  6. First, We would like to congratulate you, Angelo, on your new line. Although it is no big surprise to us. We know a talented person when we see one, and Angelo you are "ONE". Now my question to you Angelo would be….Why don't you ever make over a small modest home like mine on your show? I think it's harder to give a small home a spectacular makeover than it is a home with large rooms. It also wouldn't cost as much as you spend on RMS. Lets face it, there are more small modest homes than there is large, already flashy homes. They kind of make you think outside of the box. You really have to get creative. I've been waiting for HGTV to get on board but so far I am still waiting.
    Again, congrats Angelo. You make design fun.

  7. Karin T says:

    My absolute FAVE! Love him. The new furniture line looks amazing. Go Angelo.

  8. Karin T says:

    LOVE the guy.

  9. Donna says:

    Awesome design! I wish I had this furniture at home…

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