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Happy Birthday Oscar! 

Oscar and many of his Sesame Street friends are turning 40.

Kermit the Frog says it isn’t easy being green, but Oscar the Grouch never had a problem with it. Way before it was cool and trendy; Oscar was living green, turning trash into treasure by reclaiming and recycling. I think he was just grouchy because it took so long for everybody else to get it. We’re with you now Oscar!

 I don’t ever recall seeing the inside of Oscar’s garbage-can home. Not sure PBS ever showed us. It has been speculated that he has a swimming pool, ice-skating rink and a bowling alley down there. I bet Oscar’s pad is gorgeous and ultra plush too — filled with vintage treasures, colorful mosaics and earth-friendly furnishings.

 In honor of Oscar’s big four-oh, add a little green to your home. For earth-friendly ideas, go to our sister blog – Ecologue. If it’s the color green you so desire, take a look at this photo gallery of cozy and sophisticated greens. And, don’t forget about HGTV’s Green Home giveaway – only a few days left to enter!



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4 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    Aww, Oscar was always my favorite. There was always a party going on in his can! I just found this blog via Margot Potter. I'll be subscribing.

  2. Beth Mori says:

    When I was little, it seemed that Oscar was the party pooper. As an adult, I became one with Oscar as the party pooper too. My family was bored with hearing how we need to be green. Finally they've gotten the message. GO OSCAR!

  3. Allen says:

    they showed the inside of his can where he lives with his worm…just a bunch of trash.

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