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Lately I’ve been thinking about chaise lounge chairs — chaise longue, to use the proper spelling.   A quick search on the Internet provided me with a myriad of chaises and their history.  I knew Cleopatra had one; I’ve seen the Elizabeth Taylor movie. But I didn’t realize that the chaise has such a long and varied past. Take a look at Designbloom.com. They have a historical timeline of the chaise lounge/daybed dating back to 900 AD.  Very interesting - naturally, the 1960s and 70s had some of the most unique designs, like these three.

Yes, these are lounge chairs!


"chaise-longue" by kwok hoi chan, france, 1961

I love this squiggly chaise, although, it doesn’t look very comfortable.

'nido' daybed by gianni ruffi, italy, 1973

'nido' daybed by gianni ruffi, italy, 1973

The nest with egg-shaped pillows looks like a great spot to curl up and read your kids a Sesame Street book, and couldn’t you just imagine the foot lounger in a podiatrist’s waiting room?

"foot" chaise-longue by nicola, usa, 1968

"foot" chaise-longue by nicola, usa, 1968

Another totally cool thing: If custom-made, fine-wood furniture is makes you gaga like it does to me, check out www.Thosmoser.com. Their craftsmanship is their art and it is simply gorgeous. On their website you can enter to win a cherry-wood and leather lounger.


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8 Responses

  1. Those are the most interesting chaise-longue chairs. Do not know how comfortable that first one would be. The rest look inviting. Thank you
    Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

  2. Carrie Miracle says:

    The squigly lounger well, I like to look at it, it is interesting in form to look at. But my opinon not very comfy, you'd have to prop yourself oddly to sit on it. I'm in agreeance with the big bird nester. My Sesame Street loving son, Carter would just love to have the nest just like Big Birds, books and all. But just how big is it? LOL And the foot one does belong in a foot drs office. No offense.

  3. Lynn Coggin says:

    Oh, Jackie, these are too fun! Thanks for the chuckles! I am pretty sure I could hurt myself on some of these! A little bandage here, a little cast there, then I guess I would be okay. :)

    Bloggers – Don't forget today is the last day to enter for the Green Home in Florida…you must enter by 5pm Eastern time! Good Luck!

    SuperFan Lynn Coggin – Watch my audition video titled 'Living the Dream'…LOL!

    Living the Dream!

  4. Melanie says:

    I love chaise chairs! They are my favorite

  5. Candy Rijos says:

    I never new that a chaise-lounge chair could be so stylish.

  6. Carol S says:

    I like a chaise that you can automatically recline in without having to adjust the brackets! Sort of like a recliner but made in a sleeker style for the outdoors! They are very hard to find with that type of design.

  7. mendfighwelchre says:

    ho.. ho.. ho..

  8. usb splitter schematic The Longevity of Lounges, a Daybed for Big Bird and a Chaise Giveaway | HGTV Design Blog – Design Happens

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