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Earlier this week, Design Happens blogger Kristine Brabson asked: “Where will green pre-fab go now?” She was responding to the news that architect Michelle Kaufmann, a leader and innovator in the green living movement, is “closing up shop.” Despite forging forward and having more than 100 clients anxious to build, the dream of making green design accessible to the masses proved to be too difficult in this economy for a small company.

Enter Clayton Homes, leading home builder, with more than 1.5 million homes built since the company was founded in 1934. It makes sense that Clayton would take the leap into pre-fab, sustainable design; the company produces manufactured and modular homes. How does $93,000+ for a two-bedroom, one-bath home sound for a sleek, eco-friendly home with plenty of amenities?


This is a 2-bedroom, 2-bath model with a starting price of $108,000. Image courtesy of Clayton Homes.

We are stoked about the i-house. In fact, there is a group of us from the HGTV.com offices who can’t wait to see the model in person right here in our own backyard. We were slated for a tour a few days ago but opted to reschedule in order to see the new bamboo floors not to mention the rain collection roof,  groovy (composite) deck and much more. I’m really looking forward to sharing more about the the i-house with you. In the meantime, go to Clayton Home’s website to get a virtual tour and make your own virtual model.

As for Michelle,  check out her website to follow what’s she’s doing and read more about what she’s done . Don’t miss her blog for small ways to make a big, Earth-friendly impact in your own home, including some great summer projects for the family. I am a fan of Michelle’s and a supporter of others like Clayton Homes who are making the investment in building sustainable communities. I’m certain that Michelle has a bright, green future ahead of her. I can’t wait to see what she does next! “There is so much improvement and innovation to do in creating healthy, diverse, efficient and beautifully designed communities,” Michelle said. ”There is more than one model of the American Dream.”

More (much more) coming on the i-house soon …

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  2. Lynn Coggin says:

    LESLIE JUDSON: Btw…one of my good friends names is Leslie Hudson…anyway, eco-friendly living…love the simplicity of that term!

    Good call in waiting for the bamboo floors…they look gorgeous and definitely worth the wait! So fun that it is in Knoxville! Wish it was coming to Philadelphia. :)

    Thanks for sharing this! I am now following Michelle on Twitter. Do you Twitter?

    BLOGGERS: Also, make sure to check out the HGTV Dream Home 2010 site on this Design Happens site! It is fabulous and leads you to the fabulous webcam showing the progress of the Heaven Dream Home in New Mexico! You can also see it through the Dream Home Blog!

    Make it a great night!

    SuperFan Lynn Coggin…See me under 'Living the Dream', my audition tape for the SuperFan 2010…LOL!

    Living the Dream!

  3. debbie says:

    i wish someone would help my mom she gave all her money to a builder and he took all their money and did not come back,she got sick and had to have her breasts removed,she was building her house she saved 25 years for ,to build a rescue/home for abused rottweilers that she has done for 10 years, 2 jobs her and my dad worked to build this .how can God let this happen to good people who have given so much?i am sad all the time,thank-you for listening

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  6. Rhonda says:

    It's great to see affordable housing going green so that the many young couples of today can afford a home. This shows that going green doesn't have to be expensive.

  7. Dutch says:

    There was a report in the New Mexico Business Daily (May 28, 2009) with the same photograph of the model above and it stated it was a 1-bedroom 1 bath with the optional casita and optional deck.

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