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To say that there is buzz around the launch of Angelo Surmelis’ furniture line would be an understatement. You’ve requested more information en masse; we’ve heard you. Take a look at these lovely, leather beauties. The retail price for both: $499.


Climb right in; put your feet up - for $499.

Climb right in; put your feet up - for $499.

Despite this headline, I am not relaxed at all. I’m antsy; I’m impatient. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about something to come in the design world. Only when I have my first Angelo Surmelis-designed chair in my home in its perfect spot by the window will I be able to sit back, relax and smile at the splendor that is creation inspiration come to fruition. Oh, the anticipation!

A lot of healthy collaboration has gone into Angelo’s first furniture line, mainly with Handy Living front man, Tom Erdman, who has been spanning the globe working to ensure the pieces (there are a lot of them) will be ready this summer at reasonable prices. Beauitiful, affordable,  high-quality furniture available at the the tips of your fingers at retailers such as Overstock, Sears, Costco and CSN Stores. And no, shipping will not be outrageous. This chair (below) is priced at $299 on Overstock. Add a whopping $2.95 for shipping.

I think Angelo has had some fun designing his furniture line. What do you think?

I think Angelo has had some fun designing his furniture line. What do you think?

More to come. I can’t hardly wait!

67 Responses

  1. Jill Stigs says:

    Can't hardly wait! Angelo has some mad skills and he is so freaking adorable!!

  2. Ninasu says:

    I absolutely love that chair! Now to find somewhere to put it.

  3. Cherry Bush says:

    Angelo, You ROCK!! The chair is great! . Just cannot wait for the line to come out. An affodable way to have an Angelo inspired home…To Die For!! Leslie, thanks for the great artlcle.

  4. Lisa K says:

    I feel like I am just repeating what everyone has already touched on. This is definitely the design man of my dreams. Angelo, you just get it. ALL of it. You're one of a kind and I adore you. Keep inspiring us.

  5. Donald says:

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  6. Louise Bergeron says:


    Furniture???? What's next? Fabrics? A clothing line? How about "Parfum d'Angelo"?

    Your furniture looks fantastic. It will be a great success!!!!

    Your BIGGEST Fan!

    Lou :)


  7. Karen says:

    These chairs really make me happy. Wonderful work Angelo. Can't wait to do a little shopping and if these are your general prices, I can get a set. Congratulations.

  8. SudburyGuy says:

    Angelo — Outrageously classy designs. Can't wait to see how everything fits and works together…

  9. LT says:

    Perfection. You are too Angelo.

  10. Ryan says:

    Looks fantastic! Can't wait to see one in person!

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