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This Sunday, the final three teams competing in HGTV’s $250,000 Challenge face off in a kitchen smackdown. Guest designer Genevieve Gorder encourages each team to look to nature for a bit of design inspiration and offers up some pretty point-blank advice: “Go all the way — or don’t bother!” Watch a video sneak peek for details.

Before the weekend hits, take time to check out before-the-makeover photos of the teams’ kitchens (a bit uninspired, no?) and post your thoughts on the $250K blog. On the eve of episode three, we’re discussing our own kitchen design dreams. How would you transform your cooking space if you were handed $20,000?


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4 Responses

  1. mary tinsley says:

    I would open up my small kitchen, put an island and new cabinets and appliances and brighten it up with pastel colors.

  2. Peggy says:

    Hi everyone!
    well lets see,with 20,000 for kitchen makeover which isnt alot…kitchen updates can easily run 10 or 20 maybe even 30 thosand more. However I love storage so I would keep existing cabinets resurface those to start. ) New stainless apliances ofcourse new countertops paticulairly granite or something similair.Lighting and if there were anything left ofcourse new flooring and new paint.whoolah! New kitchen!

  3. melanie kaplan says:

    we just had a flood and they had to tear out the bottom cabinets and destroyed our counter top,of our 5 year old kitchen, and our pergo floors. I love modern but we want to sell our home as soon a there is a small recovery in the real estate market? what should we do to make our home saleable?? we have a very small kitchen

  4. melanie kaplan says:

    i am purchaseing new kitchen appliancs as we had mold. I would like to remodel the kitchen as it was designed by my husbands deceased wife. I need major help

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