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This is not your grandparents’ mobile home. I know firsthand because my grandparents lived in a mobile home (which they customized themselves) atop a quiet, tree-covered hill in East Tennessee for decades. I loved romping around that house as a child. Clayton Homes’ i-house arguably the most innovative manufactured home to hit the industry is a home that I could see myself romping around in as an adult. The i-house is smart, custom built to the buyer’s specifications and about as green as you can get, especially at this price point, starting at $74,000. And then there’s the design: modern, clean and downright cool. A few highlights:


All images courtesy of Clayton Homes

The master bedroom in this layout is large enough to house a king size bed. IKEA furnishings are optional. Paint is no VOC and in the color of your choice. Plenty of natural light streams in through energy efficient windows and doors.


The kitchen houses Corian countertops, stainless steel appliances, contemporary light fixtures, a fabulous backsplash and substantial, beautiful hardware. Floors throughout are bamboo.


This funk-alicious room is the main seating area of the flex house which is an add-on option to the i-house — a must have in my book. It features a full bath and a rooftop deck and would be ideal for a home office or private guest suite.

To see the exterior of the i-house, revisit my post: Green Living For the Masses? or visit Clayton Homes. And keep reading Design Happens to learn more about the i-house, including when and where you can see a model in person and to hear about Clayton’s future design plans. If you prefer a more traditional home, you’ll want to stay tuned.


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19 Responses

  1. What an Interesting home. Thank you for sharing it with us. Very nice.
    Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

  2. [...] A Game Changer Published in June 18th, 2009 Posted by mcohen in Mike Cohen Here’s yet another sign of how much the Clayton i-House is changing the perception of that entire industry. It’s now both featured and positively reviewed in this HGTV blog. [...]

  3. Karen says:

    Very nice, definately like to see more green and affordable homes like this. The only problem is many towns now have less expensive foreclosures and the people whi need a home to live in couldn't afford to buy the land for the house to be placed on.

  4. Scott says:

    Its not bad. Definately a step in the right direction as far as modular building goes.
    I am an architect who has devised a greener concept, incorporating shipping containers, with clean, contemporary lines. Cutting construction time down to 2 days and reducing cost to less than $50 000.
    Also devised a completely sustainable temporary bio-degradable housing for Federal use, utilizing bamboo.

  5. Clutter free, perfect choice of furniture pieces – not too chunky neither unnoticeable – I especially love the flooring and woodwork in the kitchen. nice job

  6. kewl idea's I'm a building coor and I love
    the concept of the i house and the price.
    add on's are great ideas as well

  7. Jacque Hillman says:

    Your link to Green Living for the Masses no longer works, but the virtual tour on Clayton Homes is great.

  8. Leslie Judson says:

    Thanks, Jacque. The link should work again now. Thanks for letting us know. :)

  9. Logan says:

    To Karen,
    There is an online architectural firm that designs practical and green spaces for small projects, such as renovating forclosed homes.
    It's rdcarchitects.com

  10. Dutch says:

    As much as I like these products, is there a method to finance them? Very hip and I am sure with the energy star ratings they would make good homes.

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