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We’re down to our 2nd to last Giveaway from our friends at PartyLite.  Last week’s Coast Lights set went out to Kelly G. with her answer:

The things in my house I am most proud of are the ultrasound photos I had framed after having my children. I was able to pick out some pretty, stylish mats and frames, and they are very cool, personal, and fun conversation starters!

This week we’ve got a set of 3 PartyLite Blue Waves Candle Holder with a box of tealights to go with them.


All you have to do is comment on this week’s question with a valid email address before Monday Night @ Midnight Eastern.  We’ll pick a random winner from all of our comments. Its that simple!

With Father’s Day this weekend, we want to hear about your dad. How did he inspire you? What are some of your fondest Father’s Day memories?

If you’re still looking for that perfect gift, check out some of Elizabeth’s recommendations.  Camille also offered up some ideas.

Have a great weekend everyone!



170 Responses

  1. robert stricker says:

    I have a great deal of love and respect for my father .In a world where the odss were greatly to his disadvantage, his faith propelled him into a much greater life. My father grew up in an alchoholic household.He overcame that adversity and created a Christian family of his own. My father was a letter carrier for 37 years in the "HARSH" winters of OHIO. Trudging 7 miles a day with a 30 Lb. mail bag on his shoulder ,his goal was to amply provide for his family.In my fathers spare time he Helped build a church in a poor city in Mexico ,help run food drives, and minister to the elderly in nursing homes . Thank you DAD for your teachings of how to be a blessing in someone elses life so that I may truely appreciate my own .

  2. Julianna says:

    My dad is very determined and does what ever he needs to for his family. My favorite fathers day memories are spending the day at the lake eating hot dogs and swinging on the rope into the lake. Every year for Christmas, his birthday, and fathers day he asks for one thing. That is bird seed to feed his birds, That is also the one gift he gets most excited about. My dad is fun, smart, witty, and I love him!

  3. Michelle Struzenberg says:

    My dad is my stepdad, technically, but in everyway that counts he is my "real" dad. He came into my life when I was 8 years old, and I know I was a little more than he could handle (seeing as he had 3 boys and didn't really know how to deal with a girl) but he stuck around and put up with because he loved my mom and he loved me. He isn't the most affectionate man in the world, but I know he cares. He is one the hardest working people I know and also one of the most generous. I am so grateful that he is my dad because he chose to be.

  4. Ellie says:

    My dad fought hard to bring me and my family to the land of opportunity. He never cried or complained even though at times I can't even begin to understand how difficult it was for him. He once told me the saddest day in his life was when he took my baby brother to the grocery store shortly after we migrated here. My brother asked for a candy bar which cost $2.00 but at that time my dad had a strict grocery list and a budget of $40/week to feed a family of 4. The candy bar was an extra which we couldn't afford at the time. Dad said explaining to a 4 year old why he can't have that chocolate bar was the saddest thing he ever had to do.

    We have been here for 20+ years now and this whole time my dad's been working 6 days a week to provide and support his family. He has taught us to work hard and appreciate the value of a dollar. He has been a rock in this family holding us all together even when times were rough and it seemed like nothing was working out. He has made his own way and overcome all obstacles in his path. Last year he had his dream come true when he became a jeweler for Cartier. He has never let anything stop him or break him down. He is my inspiration for wanting to be a good person, even when no one is looking. He is has taught me to stay grounded and be fair and always follow my heart. I will never be able to repay him for the sacrifices he made for us but I hope he knows how much we love him and appreciate everything he does!

  5. Anita says:

    My dad took me fishing when I was too young to know that a string and safety pin attached to a stick wouldn't catch any fish from a ditch. I didn't care that I didn't catch anything. I was fishing with my dad.

  6. Pam says:

    From my earliest memories to today, my Daddy has always been there, always supporting, always encouraging. He is a minister, and I learned how much God loves us from my dad, not just from his words but from his actions, too. After 52 years of marriage, he still counts as his greatest accomplishments his greatest blessings–his family. We have a time share that my parents bought when I was in college, and our whole family gets together there every year. We started with 5 of us, but now we are 14 with husbands and children, and often more with girlfriends, boyfriends, and just friends joining. As my cousin once said while observing the great love we have for one another, "We're not a normal family! Thank God!" And thank Daddy.

  7. Patricia Cushman says:

    As a child growning up with my dad was special. We use to go on long truck drives whereas he was a truck driver. We sharded many things like climbing up to the top of his truck to check on how much fuel there was left in the tanker, he was afraid of hight. Getting to see the sites were great at that age. But as we grew up, my twin and I, we found out that he wasn't our real dad and things seemed to change a little. We didn't seem to have that bond we always had. As the years have gone by and I've grown wiser I've come to know that he is my dad and will always be. He didn't have to adopt my sister and I when we were only 6 months old and take care of our loving mother the way he did. He was always there for her and that is what mattered the most. They would of been married this year 41 years but we lost mom when she was only 39 to cervical cancer. I still speak to my dad and will always thank him for taking care of us when he didn't have too.

  8. Stacey Arundale says:

    Ultrasound pictures are so incredibly special.

  9. My father has been in Heaven since Oct. 1971. There were 11 kids in our family, and my father was always fair with us kids. He worked very hard, was a loving father and sorely missed by all of us. He was only 56 when he passed away, much too young. My mother waited a long time to join him, as she didn't pass away until 2004. Nothing has ever came easily or freely to our family. We have had to work hard for everything we have, and I thank my father for instilling a good work ethic in all of us kids. I hope he is enjoying the rest, peace and tranquillity in God's Heaven, as he truly deserves it. I wish I could see him one more time to tell him how much I love him and miss him, even after all of these years! That would truly be a good Father's Day for me!

  10. Lorraine Morgan says:

    I grew up in the country, last house on the road. It was distance to get to parties, after school functions or even Sunday School on Sunday morning but my dad was always available when I needed a ride. He also used to take me fishing in the summer. He's been gone many years and I still miss him.

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