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We’re down to our 2nd to last Giveaway from our friends at PartyLite.  Last week’s Coast Lights set went out to Kelly G. with her answer:

The things in my house I am most proud of are the ultrasound photos I had framed after having my children. I was able to pick out some pretty, stylish mats and frames, and they are very cool, personal, and fun conversation starters!

This week we’ve got a set of 3 PartyLite Blue Waves Candle Holder with a box of tealights to go with them.


All you have to do is comment on this week’s question with a valid email address before Monday Night @ Midnight Eastern.  We’ll pick a random winner from all of our comments. Its that simple!

With Father’s Day this weekend, we want to hear about your dad. How did he inspire you? What are some of your fondest Father’s Day memories?

If you’re still looking for that perfect gift, check out some of Elizabeth’s recommendations.  Camille also offered up some ideas.

Have a great weekend everyone!



170 Responses

  1. Harold Terry says:

    My Dad,
    My dad is my best friend. He is always there for me nites, days, and weekends. My dad is the best.

  2. Tish says:

    My Dad is my hero in every way! He got Devic's disease last year and is now in a wheelchair. Even though his life has completely changed, his attitude is amazing. I only hope that I can be 1/2 the person he is!

  3. Susan Auger, NH says:

    Some of my fondest memories with my Dad are those late nights that I'd wake, and my Dad (always a night owl!) would let me come sit on his lap and watch old westerns with him until my mom would notice and tuck me back into bed. Having grown up with 5 siblings, it was a special gift to have some time with my Dad all to myself. He's still a softy!

  4. Cindy Murray says:

    My dad is a wonderful man and great person who gives back to our community. He is a wonderful parent that most daddy's girls could brag about. He has all of the standard "great dad" traits, BUT as a career navy man he taught my family and me about being patriotic. I am a teacher and I find that children are taught less about patriotism from home and their schools. My dad is an honorable man that fought for the very things our country is about. He taught us to respect our country and its symbols. He encourages me as a teacher to not let patriotic traits die out with me. So in his honor, I pass on lessons about the flag, pledge, national anthem etiquette to my young students! Thanks Dad!

  5. C. Cass Hudson says:

    My Grandfather on my mom's side was kinda of my stand in father. His commitment to "doing the right things right" are what keep me inspired today. If it's worth my time, I need to do my best at whatever has my attention. My fondest memories are of when he could hear & process what you'd say as you spoke. I just got off of the phone from wishing him a Happy Father's Day and the conversation was mostly clarifying what I was saying or his frustration venting through with "Slow down…you speak so fast, I don't know how anyone keeps up with you!" Maybe so….for him I will slow down my speech and make my phone conversation with him…right!

  6. Janine Blas says:

    My Dad has showed me how to treat my family the way they should be treated! He has made sure all of our needs came first! I love him for who he is and who he made my brothers and I be. Also I think the best memory for fathers day is with my husband and my daughter. My husband was in Iraq when she was born and his first fathers day he was fighting for our country. But he was able to call us and talk for a bit. Even thought my daughter was small I painted a coffee mug for him and put her hand print on it. Well now its his 3 fathers day and we have a son now and this year was a cereal bowl (daughters choice) and it has their hand print. And we are away from him again but he said he couldnt be any happier. Something so small but something he will have forever!!

    I love you Dad and I love you Chris, you two are the best dads anyone could ever ask for!! thank you for everything!

  7. Rebekah Hunt says:

    My father is a wonderful man, and I am proud to call him my dad. He is truly one of the wisest and caring men you could ever meet. He has inspired me in many ways as I watched him while I was growing up …how he loved knowledge and cared about our spirituality, he worked hard to teach us to care about our mental health and our physical health…we were eating healthy and organic before it was ever cool. However, I will probably cherish the way he taught me about unconditional love the most…showing us the true value of a close family that will always be there for you…he raised six girls who are best friends to this day, thank you dad.

  8. Gigi Dassa says:

    My Dad Passed in 2005. He was my Knight and shinning armor… He protected me and guided me into the woman I am today and I have to say that I am proud of what I have become. Thank you Pops… His strong and firm way kept me from what could have been a young girls trouble. Always knowing what to ssy and how to say it, he make me listen to an unwanted father's advice (didn't we all in our teen years think we knew it all.)

  9. Sarah Atassi says:

    What was the question?

  10. Sarah Atassi says:

    HI and what was the question.

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