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We’re down to our 2nd to last Giveaway from our friends at PartyLite.  Last week’s Coast Lights set went out to Kelly G. with her answer:

The things in my house I am most proud of are the ultrasound photos I had framed after having my children. I was able to pick out some pretty, stylish mats and frames, and they are very cool, personal, and fun conversation starters!

This week we’ve got a set of 3 PartyLite Blue Waves Candle Holder with a box of tealights to go with them.


All you have to do is comment on this week’s question with a valid email address before Monday Night @ Midnight Eastern.  We’ll pick a random winner from all of our comments. Its that simple!

With Father’s Day this weekend, we want to hear about your dad. How did he inspire you? What are some of your fondest Father’s Day memories?

If you’re still looking for that perfect gift, check out some of Elizabeth’s recommendations.  Camille also offered up some ideas.

Have a great weekend everyone!



170 Responses

  1. Suzy says:

    My Dad has always been the one I call for any major decision. He's always there to lend advice and a lending ear. My fondest memory is when my Dad and I used to stay up late at night and talk around the kitchen table.

  2. amy ormsby says:

    Some of my fondest memories of Fathers Day are the years that our family would get together with our big extended families & have cookouts.

  3. Kelli Andersen says:

    my dad was always the dad who was never afraid of anything. i always looked up to him, he is my hero. he is a contractor, and can fix everything but a broken heart. i remember one time when my father and i were driving to the river and he pulled over off the side of the road and we wrote my name in big letters with those black coal looking rocks. it said KELLI with a heart over the eye. that was fun. and every time we drove back and forth to the river we saw it.

  4. kelli says:

    My dad inspires me everyday! My dad has work hard every day to provide for my mother, sister and I. He work to send me and my sister to private school so we could have the best education possible. He also showed me if you work hard you can have what you need to be comfortable and not to depend on other to provide for your needs. Last of all he taught me that you do not need everthing you want to be happy all you need is a good support system.

  5. kerri resch says:

    My dad inspires me to this day. My mom and him live thier life debt free but they still get to do everything they want to. This is a dream of mine and always will be. This and being raised in a srict caring manner has taught me a good work ethic but also that life is to short so enjoy everything you can out of it. He inspires me to reach for the stars. He has always taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to and stood behind any decision I ever made.

    In fact, we celebrated fathers day early this year since my sister is out of town this weekend. We celebrated june 14th instead. My dad and I spoke about the financing of houses. My house will be paid off in 8 years from March 09 so I will have a great down payment for a bigger house when we sell it. I think like this and can wait for excitement for this day because of the way he lives and my upbringing.

    Thanks you Dad I love you.

  6. Mary Lynn McCravy says:

    I always felt my father's love. I'm sure there times that I disappointed him, but even then I could see the love in his eyes. He has been gone for 20 years but I will never forget his big bear hugs and the happiness we felt when we were together. He was an excellent example for me to follow while raising my sons.

  7. ann miller says:

    I am the second of seven children,five girls and two boys. My father let us know from the time we could understand, it would be required for us to attend college. He was not able to finish school,but we would. Out of seven children,five finished college.All seven went to college. Because of this we all have good jobs and good work ethics.

  8. My favorite memories of my father are those of him reading books – like "Jungle Book" , "Swiss Family Robinson" and other out loud to me and my brother. My dad had been trained as a radio DJ back in the day when they all had to take voice lessons – and most had that great "smooth" voice – so I loved listen to to him – also he would change his voice for each character – so if you closed your eyes you could see every person in the story! Still thinking about it makes me feel loved and warm..

  9. My dad raised us not to be wasteful, we had a HUGE compost pile in the yard where I grew up (it used to embarrass me, but now I have one in my own yard :) .

  10. C. Smith says:

    My father loved working with his hands-carpentry, gardening, and raising animals. I would sit quietly for hours as he hammered and sawed and planted. As a result, I do some of the same things that I watched my father do, and I get great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as I admire something that was created from the works of my own hands.

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