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This weekend marks the beginning of summer, and strangely enough, we’ve noticed a lot of you are searching our site for fireplaces.  Tell me, why are you thinking about fireplaces when it’s 95 degrees outside!  Is it like buying clothes out of season — you get big bargains?  Is it just advanced planning — you’re giving yourself plenty of time to refurbish your old fireplace or install your new wood-burning stove?  Could it be the rise in gas prices is motivating you to think of alternative means of energy?   Whatever the reason, take a look at this photo gallery of gorgeous fireplaces.  I hope it will cool you off and inspire you.  

Happy Summer!!!!!


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8 Responses

  1. Angus E. Parvo says:

    We raise rare three-toed Albanian ferrets, and use our fireplace as a nursery. Once the ferrets learn to climb out the chimney, they're ready to take to the Wartburg Flea Market.

  2. PatM says:

    I've heard that a bright brass fireplace surround can be updated with acid? I don't have the money to replace it so I'm looking for ideas – but the fireplace still needs to be usable!

  3. JOYCE STARN says:

    This is a question about a stone fireplace it needs to be cleaned and I would like to update. any answers would be appreciated.

  4. janetnyc says:

    I would love to know more about concrete fireplaces They seemed to have a nice clean classic bold look. I have a very large room with high ceilings and the wall that leads to the deck outside is all glass windows and doors. how does concrete do over time?

  5. DOREEN says:

    I have a fireplace that is brick and its one
    whole wall(built in the 80's).How can update
    it without taking the whole thing down?

  6. I am buy a house with no fireplace. I want to add one but do not know where to place it in the room so it will have a good design. I can not find the information I need on designing a fireplace.

  7. Mel says:

    I have a corner fireplace that has cedar planks from floor to ceiling. The cedar planks have rough, dark brown surfaces and are out of sync with my contemporary living room. Can someone suggest an inexpensive fix for this?

  8. Tina says:

    I have a small Older home in South East Texas area. I like my small home and the location. However it needs alot of updating and it lacks a fireplace. I really like the contemporary look and I'm looking for inspiration on what I can do.

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