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I am not a pink kind of girl. I’m just not that in to pink (except the musician  I dig her). I am so anti-pink actually, that if I ever have a baby girl, you can bet that her nursery will not be any shade of pink.

Chic and pink girl's room by Steven Miller. Lovely, but not in my house. Photo by Matthew Millman.
Chic and pink girl’s room by Steven Miller. Lovely, but not in my house. (Photo by Matthew Millman.)

So, why am I writing a blog post honoring the color pink? Good question. Actually, National Pink Day has forced me to do a few things that are great exercises for anyone redecorating anything: Think outside the box, stretch beyond your comfort zone (aaahhhh) and don’t discount any idea too quickly. There is so often a good reason for those lightbulb moments.


This is my one of my favorite HGTV makeovers that incorporates pink. It’s a room that, to me, seems completely inspired. I love how Vern Yip created a family room that a motorcycle-loving dad and his daughter both could enjoy. Shades of gray and silver are excellent complements to fuschia pink pops of color.

If you prefer more of a splash, check out these hot little mamas, courtesy of designer Judith Balis.


Even if you’re not that in to pink or could care a lick about National Pink Day, think again. You can still celebrate the day, perhaps with a pink confection? Oh, yeah. 


These little piggies come from the Neely’s kitchen.

 Texas Twister Margarita

A pink drink? That I can do.

Are you a lover of all things pink? Have a perfect pink design story to share?


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10 Responses

  1. Love the blog! Didn't know there was an HGTV Blog!
    Do you know of a link where I can get a list of the interior paint colors used in the 2008 Dream Home? I want to use the Master Bedroom wall color!??!
    All Things Heart and Home

  2. Krimsten Lukla says:

    Totally with you on the anti-pink thing. I refused to reveal the gender of my first daughter so we were not inundated with pink clothing. Got some cool black stuff!

  3. Leslie Judson says:

    Hi Robin, I'm glad you found us! Here is the paint list from Dream Home 2008 – thanks to Cara and our products team. I believe you might be looking for Sherwin Williams Watery (blue) – a lovely color! http://marketplace.hgtv.com/dh08%20sherwin_keywor

    Krimsten, that is funny and smart! (I actually went through a black decorating stage when I was in high school. My mom changed my bedroom almost immediately after I went to college, LOL. I cannot blame her.)

    I should say that I absolutely appreciate every color and how each can transform an interior. Pink just isn't one of my favorites. ;) Thanks for reading and commenting! Leslie

  4. Kelley says:

    Ha! Pink's one of my favorite colors but I totally grok why you wouldn't want it in your house. :) I'll take your extra helping of pink for mine.

  5. [...] great stuff we’ve got going on overe here ta Design Happens.  This past week we celebrated National Pink Day in style and are already thinking ahead to Christmas with LEON day.  We’ve also got some [...]

  6. Gail says:

    I love pink too every one say's it is my color! but I am a bit old to go pink every where, You go girl I love it!

  7. Bernice Mtz says:

    pink is wonderful if theres people that like pink thers some types of colors you can add with pink it don,t mean you have too have all the room pink you can flowers that you have around the house or you can use items that you have in your home and see what come of them and even add some or your own touches it,s fun when you get an idea

  8. Kandi says:

    I love the post! I grew up with a distaste for pink and also said I would not use it for decorating a nursery. Alas, there are pink accents in my nursery – I did pink sheer curtains as "trim" to dark red curtains. I also have a tower with pink and green cloth drawers. The walls are pale green. During pregnancy, I had to get over my desire to avoid pink clothing – it was difficult to find non-pink maternity clothes! However, other cool pink: there is a breast cancer awareness t-shirt that is brown and says "fight like a girl" in pink.

  9. Jimmy says:

    I am glad my wife is not into a lot of pink. She is doing our nursery in black and white and it is looking pretty awesome. It really matches the glass subway tile used in the bathroom across the hall.

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