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Sadly, this is the last week of our Friday Freebies. I want to thank everyone who’s commented over the past 4 weeks. I also want to congratulate Jennifer Perez who won last week’s set of Blue Wave candle holders with a very touching moment she shared with us about her father. I also want to thank the folks at PartyLite for hooking us up with some great stuff for the past month, and boy did we save the best for the last.

This week we’re going back outside to go out with a bang! Check out PartyLite’s Linear Lites Collection. The new Linear Lites 3-wick holder, a dazzling centerpiece with a glass cylinder insert to protect candle flame when used outside. Along with that, we’ve got 3 Linear Lites Pillar Holders in three sizes (14 ½” short, 16 ¼” medium and 18″ tall) and a Linear Lites Votive Pair for votives and tealights. And of course, don’t forget the candles: one Petite 3-Wick 3×5″ , one dozen votives , and another dozen tealights! All in Citrus Bloom Citronella scent, a tangy and surprising Citronella oil from fragrant Asian grasses combined with the tangy scent of citrus blossoms. A great fragrance for outdoor entertaining.


Total package Worth: $270

All you have to do is answer this week’s question in the comments below with a valid email address before Monday Night @ Midnight Eastern. We’ll pick a random winner from all of our comments. Its that simple!

We love parties here at HGTV, so we want to know what’s the best party you’ve every thrown and why?

While you’re trying to decide between the great beach bash of ’99 or new year’s ’88, take some time to check out some of the other great stuff we’ve got going on over here ta Design Happens. This past week we celebrated National Pink Day in style and are already thinking ahead to Christmas with LEON day. We’ve also got some killer stuff going on in our other blogs. Last week saw $250k Challenge wrap up, but starting this Sunday its time for an HGTV Showdown with Lisa LaPorta and Carmen De La Paz taking on Taniya Nayak and Steve Watson. And we’re only a few weeks away from Design Star kicking off in Hollywood.

234 Responses

  1. Tonya says:

    We once threw an outdoor wine party in October. We put white lights in the trees, candles on the tables and used white linens. For dinner, we put pizzas on the grill. It was a huge success!

  2. Kristina says:

    The best party I ever threw was my Crazy College Halloween Party. My roommate and I wanted to throw the best Halloween party with costumes, games, drinks and music. Just a fun time dressing up and having a good safe time with friends. We each dressed in full costume, myself in a green fairy costume complete with sky blue contacts and pink hair and my roommate as Strawberry Shortcake. We had current music mixed with Halloween tunes and a beer pong table set up in the living room. To complete the party with drinks and munchies we marinated apple slices in green apple vodka, crumbled up oreo cookies with chocolate pudding and gummy worms, and served eyeballs (frozen grapes) in wine coolers. It was such a blast that the two other parties going on in the same building merged into our's!

  3. Josh says:

    My mother in law turned 50 this year and we threw her a surprise party at her fav restaurant with family and friends (past and present)… We had to keep the secret from her for about three months….my daughter wanted to spoil it but in the end it bought tears to her face bc she had no clue

  4. Lisa says:

    I threw a surprise anniversary/wedding vow renewal for my sister's 20th anniversary. She was not able to ahve a traditional wedding when she got married initally, so I made sure she had all the bells and whistles this time, wedding dress, brides maids, cake and all! It was the perfect day and prefect surprise wedding!

  5. Lisa Adams says:

    Regarding the Last Friday Freebies. I just want to try to keep the food and drinks light on a hot summer night. Have a great summer everyone.

  6. Lisa says:

    My best party was for my daughter's 5th birthday, it was a princess party! We went out after halloween and bought tons of costumes for like 1.50 each and we dressed all the girls up, hair and makeup, the works! Then we had royal snacks and little shaped sandwiches and played royal games, like stop and go waltzing! Every releative showed up just to watch! It was a lot of work but a ton of fun!

  7. Kim says:

    We have thrown a few family parties where we would pick a country and have fun trying new recipes to make the native food and drink. We would play the native music, too. The kids would get involved and draw maps and make a welcome sign for the front door in the native language and provide the adults with some interesting facts about the country. We would also try to dress like the country natives. So far we have done Germany, France, Greece, and Spain. What fun!

  8. laura stewart says:

    um. don't. throw. parties. need to fix up house first

  9. Lessie says:

    I enjoyed the party celebrating my daughter's graduation from law school. As one wave of people left, another wave came. It was a party that transitioned from day to night. Never had a party which lasted that long!

  10. Missy Lowery says:

    For my daughters 5th birthday, we gave her a very girly tea party. My Mom used all of her decorations she uses for weddings, and it was a fabulous atmosphere. All the little girls were dressed up in their best and had a great time.

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