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Sadly, this is the last week of our Friday Freebies. I want to thank everyone who’s commented over the past 4 weeks. I also want to congratulate Jennifer Perez who won last week’s set of Blue Wave candle holders with a very touching moment she shared with us about her father. I also want to thank the folks at PartyLite for hooking us up with some great stuff for the past month, and boy did we save the best for the last.

This week we’re going back outside to go out with a bang! Check out PartyLite’s Linear Lites Collection. The new Linear Lites 3-wick holder, a dazzling centerpiece with a glass cylinder insert to protect candle flame when used outside. Along with that, we’ve got 3 Linear Lites Pillar Holders in three sizes (14 ½” short, 16 ¼” medium and 18″ tall) and a Linear Lites Votive Pair for votives and tealights. And of course, don’t forget the candles: one Petite 3-Wick 3×5″ , one dozen votives , and another dozen tealights! All in Citrus Bloom Citronella scent, a tangy and surprising Citronella oil from fragrant Asian grasses combined with the tangy scent of citrus blossoms. A great fragrance for outdoor entertaining.


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All you have to do is answer this week’s question in the comments below with a valid email address before Monday Night @ Midnight Eastern. We’ll pick a random winner from all of our comments. Its that simple!

We love parties here at HGTV, so we want to know what’s the best party you’ve every thrown and why?

While you’re trying to decide between the great beach bash of ’99 or new year’s ’88, take some time to check out some of the other great stuff we’ve got going on over here ta Design Happens. This past week we celebrated National Pink Day in style and are already thinking ahead to Christmas with LEON day. We’ve also got some killer stuff going on in our other blogs. Last week saw $250k Challenge wrap up, but starting this Sunday its time for an HGTV Showdown with Lisa LaPorta and Carmen De La Paz taking on Taniya Nayak and Steve Watson. And we’re only a few weeks away from Design Star kicking off in Hollywood.

234 Responses

  1. My husband is a full-time Youth Minister, and we threw a Halloween Party last year for the teens. It was the best party because we had a balst making the decorations and food. Our house was completely transformed between the ghosts hanging in the trees, the graveyard garden and the spider themed table inside. It was a blast and the teens loved it.

  2. Libby S says:

    One time my husband and I had a 9 year old foster child come to live with us. He had never had any type of party before. We threw a Halloween party and invited his entire 4th grade class. We had decorations everywhere. It was a blast and he loved it!

  3. jessica potter says:

    My Wedding! All my friends and family were there. The food was good but the dj was great. Everyone was dancing, drinking, eating and having a wonderful time. We laughed, we cried, we left in a carriage and then took a stroll through downtown Orlando and the old building we met in. Amazing Day!

  4. Kim Joyce says:

    We LOVE throwing parties. We usually have a HUGE one the Friday night prior to July 4th. People love it and are anxious to get their invite each year.

    Our BEST party was an AIDs fundraiser that we held with 2 other couples. It was awesome, great decorations and Indian themed food with live music. Simply the best! And we made $$ for a good cause!

  5. kate b says:

    I threw a surprise retirement party for my mother in law who was a teacher, and called it her endless summer party. We had about 50 people at our house. Everybody brought stuff. The best was she was surprised – never suspected a thing.

  6. Brenda Johnson says:

    In 2007, my youngest daughter, Dana, had a beautiful fall wedding in my yard. I spent the better part of a year getting my landscape (and house) ready for the big event. The wedding was rustic – with a gorgeous rustic arbor (covered in Moon Vine & Hyacentia Bean Vine) that she walked through, jars were hung in the trees with battery operated tea lights, the actual alter was 2 old doors with white, peeling paint & a hydrangea arrangement over the top, red & tan burlap was also used — NO TULE, I also used an old white mantel in the reception area – with a candle/picture of her & her Dad who passed away in 2005 – who she adored. The Lord also blessed us with a beautiful, sunny fall day for the evening wedding. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL ! ! !

  7. Eileen Matz says:

    The best party I ever threw was a surprise baby shower for my best girlfriend. It was 20 years ago when we had all just gotten started in our new jobs, gotten married, lived in small apartments, and had next to no money. I made all of the food, favors, and had a ton of people in my tiny apartment. Her mother even traveled hundreds of miles to be there. She was so suprised and happy, she couldn't stop crying.

  8. Leibac says:

    I threw my hubby a surprise party where the cake looked like a 55 Chevy. What he didn't know was that I bought him a real one to restore and it was hidden in the back alley.

    It was a big hit.

  9. For my wedding shower I did a cocktail party. I didn't want a foo foo girlie party so I invited couples. As the gift favors, I went to a restaurant supply store and bought a couple cases of martini glasses. I tagged them with a small bow and thank you note from me and my husband to be – it was a great presentation for the guests as they walked through the door. I received tons of compliments and the party lasted a lot longer than we thought it would. (Till around 2am!)

  10. Tina Totty says:

    Best party I ever threw ..was my daughter's 1st birthday party .. it was very bitter sweet!!!

    I lost her twin brother at birth .. and she ended up spending the first 46 days of her life in the PICU at St. Louis Children's hospital ..

    The party was complete with her older brother, family and very close friends. I will never complete that day.

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