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air conditioning unit

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Temperatures almost hit 90 degrees in NYC on Friday, and I finally had to turn on the AC — the first time for the year. Being a greenie, I’m reluctant to expend the extra electricity when I’ve got two perfectly fine ceiling fans and a tabletop fan, but my new apartment is on the top floor of big, old house and that means it gets really stuffy, really quickly.

Summer cooling has been the topic of the week over at D-Hap’s sister blog, Ecologue.com — we’ve had some info for doing your own summer energy audit, tips for reducing the heat from appliances and more. But I have to admit that when I finally hit my AC’s “On” button (set to “energy saver” mode), I actually had a more troubling thought: “Man, this window unit is unsightly!”

Right!? Window units are eyesores, both inside and outside of the house. Those of you with central air are lucky — from a design standpoint, at least. You can mask the outside unit with flowery plants, bushes or other creative landscaping. I’m straining my brain to figure out a way to make my window unit more interesting.

Thankfully, most of the year, I can use my ceiling fans and keep the AC in storage. I don’t care what the design show pros say — I would never let a decorator take my fans away. The Modern Fan Company makes some chic, more industrial ones (that’s my style), but these days fans come in all shapes and styles. (Stay tuned for my top 5 fans next time.)

So do I just have to stick to the fans for my design fix and give up on the AC unit as a functional necessity? Any ideas?


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  1. Kim Reedy says:

    When will the show for last year's Design Star winner premier?

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