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Tune in one hour earlier this Sunday night at 9/8c for the season finale of  HGTV Showdown. Former Showdown champs Vern Yip and Angelo Surmelis team up with carpenters Anthony Gilardi (team Vern) and James Lunday (team Angelo) take on this disjointed and dated kitchen/mudroom.


How will Vern and Angelo tackle this challenge? Will they add new flooring? Remove the wall dividing the two spaces to create one large kitchen? Bring in new cabinets or new appliances? What would you do to update this room?

 On the topic of your thoughts, how would you caption this photo?

hhgsd304_guy-funny-blog-smallKimando gave us this gem: “Napkins are plentiful as Anthony and Vern practice the ancient tradition of rubbing a kitchen god’s head to bring them luck in their kitchen renovation.”

Think you can come up with something better? Well, bring it on! Head on over to the Showdown blog and show us what you got!



3 Responses

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  2. leigh ann says:

    i have problems with this show on so many levels….did Angelo not listen to the couple when they requested more counter top space?? While he did a nice job on the cabinets and he gave them more storage he failed on the workable counter top space—then can we just talk about this concept of doing a SET in six hours–it is a set for crying out loud–not an actual space for if it had been there would have been major issues with tearing out a wall that had to contain plumbing and electrical as the one that had the washer and dryer against it would have. And just for kicks where did they relocate the said washer and dryer–it had to go somewhere to take over that space–and how about the plumbing needed for Vern's island?

  3. leigh ann says:

    And even though vern said it YOU SHOULD NEVER PAINT OVER WALLPAPER–they still did—don't say one thing and do another–you are teaching bad habits–someone will still think that that is OK–that is how shoddy home improvements happen–lets do and teach quality work….and how about James using a table saw and other power tools wearing a tie–that is a major NO-NO–let's atleast show safe work habits on national TV–and then can I address the microwave on the fridge–are you kidding? So not practical or usable–let's be real if we are going to take the time to do something and do it right. I usually love HGTV but find that they missed the boat on the concept and execution of this show–don't forsee me watching this in the future–just TOO many flaws to overcome

H. Camille SmithCamille is a managing editor for HGTV.com, fine artist and antique furniture devotee. As a former interior designer and Nickelodeon animator, she has a real passion for balanced, beautiful interiors...


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