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Loam Home

Photo: Laurie E. Dickinson/Natural Home

The beauty of working with design-minded folks is that we always tip each other off to cool finds. I have to give props to my cohort Kelley (also this blog’s administrative maven) for calling my attention to this unusual, eco-pad in Germany. When she linked me, she said, “Did you see this!? The bathroom sink is both cool and creepy (in a good way) — and all those colors are luscious!”

The place is indeed an unusual home. As the opening of the Natural Home article says, “Gernot’s home is barely visible from the street, and it looks like a large mound of dirt covered in grass and flowers. The hobbit-like entrance is the only clue that someone lives here.” Doesn’t sound like your typical house or a thing of visual wonder, right?

The home’s exterior may be unassuming, but its construction — made from clay bricks and other earth construction practices — and interior design are worth talking about. I won’t go into the details about all the eco-friendly, natural building elements (Natural Home‘s piece covers that well), but I will agree with Kelley — the bathroom is a sight to behold. The loam walls (FYI: loam is a type of soil often mixed with straw in earthen home construction) sort of coil around the room and are both visually interesting but also practical; apparently, the materials help absorb the humidity and dampness that we all create when showering, etc. The sink is made from the same materials as the walls and, according to the article, has held up well against the usual wear and tear. I can definitely see why Kelley was both amazed and a bit weirded out by it — this isn’t your usual Kohler sink!

Check out the full photo gallery here.

So, what do you think of these natural/earthen homes? These are building practices that poorer countries rely on and that older generations developed long ago. Would you ever consider it?

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  1. sequina says:

    i am 15 years old and when i grow up i would like to go to school for designing, and i can tell you know that what you did is a very good work of art and i really like it. It is very creative of you to do and think of something like that.

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