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Fall is just around the corner, so you might consider getting some new, decorative planters. I have a few houseplants that need some room to grow. If I re-pot them now, it will be much easier than during the winter when I make a huge mess in the kitchen. The Pompeii Green Planter is perfect for orchids or other houseplants. The pots are hand-made in Italy and are for decorative use only.

I also featured a great bed tray, various asparagus tools, and the environmentally-friendly permanent coffee filter.
bedtray asparagus-peeler1

steamerasparagus coffeefilter



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  1. Jack says:

    You should get a grow pot,( one of those green plastic ones or red clay pots), that will just fit inside the beautiful decorative planter. Then re pot the plant into the grow pot. Set the grow pot with the plant inside the decorative planter. Then when the plant next out grows the planter you will be able to remove the plant without breaking the decorative planter. The planter is narrower at it's rim than it is further down the pot and the root ball will fill this area making it impossible to remove the plant without damaging the root ball or breaking the planter.

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