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With summer’s higher temps finally setting in on the east coast (along with an ocean’s worth of rain), I’ve been staring longingly at my ceiling fans, willing them to cool my big studio apartment down. To save energy, I only turn to the A/C on the stickiest of days. The more I’ve looked at them, the more I’ve realized they’re rather plain, utterly mismatched (one has bronze accents with dark wood blades; the other is hunter green) and don’t exactly go with my decor, which leans towards clean, modern lines, neutral colors (with a few splashes of red), lighter woods, and chrome or brushed nickel accents.

Looking to upgrade, I’ve started shopping around for designs that are more my style. I think I’d rather go without the light fixture (I’m more of floor lamp-kinda gal), and I’m definitely interested in a silver metallic finish and lighter wood or metal blades. The fewer the blades, the better. Right now, I’m only shopping on aesthetic and keeping my eye out for energy efficiency.

Without further ado, here are my top 5. Which one is your favorite? Help me decide!

Acero Celing Fan
I’d opt for a lighter blade and I’m not sure I’m sold on the darker, brushed nickel, but I do like the cage.

The Centaurus
I love the bent plywood blades and they’d match my bent plywood end tables, but I worry it might be too matchy-matchy.

f517-bn_lConcept I
The most plain and simple of the batch. I think this would go with just about anything.


This one reminds me of a jet propellor. It’s a little pricey but it’s Energy Star-rated, which is a definite plus.


Now this is definitely a wishlister. This bulbous, asymetrical fan is a little more abstract, but TreeHugger tipped me off to its crazy-cool engineering that uses lower speeds — and less energy — to do the same amount of cooling. It’s inspired by those propeller-shaped seed pods that fall off Sycamore trees (hence the name).

3 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    That Sycamore is cool & gotta love the green factor. Centarus is way too common. THe other 2 are both good, but I love different so my pick is definitely Sycamore.

  2. pcta says:

    The designs are all lovely and modern. However, since my fan is also my overhead light source . . . none of them will really do the trick for me.

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