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Last month I went down to Atlanta for the bInspired (Be Inspired, for those who had to look at it sideways, as I did) Home Design Showcase. Six designers created an entire room based on things they found personally inspiring . Each week we’ll feature one of these designers along with photos of the room and product information.

This week it’s Bob Brown from Robert Brown Interior Design.

bInspired: Bob BrownInspired: Bob Brown

Miscellaneous archival sea life images by Natural Curiosities/AmericasMart

“Dos Cubos” lantern by Solaria Lighting/AmericasMart

“Troscan” black leather chair & bench by Jerry Pair/ADAC

A few of his inspirations:

Fashion: “I love to ‘detail’ my work and take cues from the runway shows. I love the ‘mix’ masters Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Lacroix, but also learn from the minimalists like Jil Sander and Helmut Lang.

Nature: “God’s landscape is so full of great things. The beautiful shape of a tree branch or the delicate color of a peony can inspire a plethora of ideas.”

Technology: “I love to surf the web. My go-to website is 1st Dibs and I love a great blog like The Peak of Chic.”




“Serengeti — Gazelle” sisal/linen area rug by Merida Meridian/AmericasMart

“Valencia” chaises by PierceMartin/ADAC

Photos/Quotes courtesy of AmericasMart

9 Responses


    This is a good concept.Just by looking at the picture i see that you found the idea of the ocean maybe .Or where that just character of your client. Great work. North Carolina Jackie Harrington

  2. Linda says:

    I find this room unsettling, it would be an uncomfortable spot to sit in alone and enjoy a book. it would be crowded with more than a few people in it and the lack of any color is gloomy.

  3. Chelsea says:

    I feel like if I were in this room, I would feel like it was closing in because of the collage of pictures on both sides. But just one wall would be amazing.

  4. Donna W. says:

    It reminds me of the waiting room at the Womans Center where my daughter had her baby. I actually liked it because of where we were. Wouldn't want it in my home though. Just too impersonal.

  5. Nicole says:

    I think a splash of red would really make this room pop.

  6. Ms T says:

    They had to have a sale on picture hangers — this looks terrible.

  7. Erk says:

    This reminds me of the County Hospital waiting room with no service!

  8. Carl J says:

    I'd love to visit these "hospital waiting rooms" that you all go to. Must be Greenwich Hospital? This looks like a very inviting lounge, where I could put my feet up with a good cup of coffee, and read my kindle or connect with friends.

  9. Treshops says:

    I love the overall look but it does feel a bit cold. I think it's the wicker/rattan. Fabric or leather on the couch frames would soften it quite a lot. A few splashes of color would also warm up the room.

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