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The thing that most people completely ignore when it comes to dorm life is the serious lack of square footage. I know this because I am getting ready to start my senior year of college, and I did just that. Even the most neat of neat freaks is bound to be late for that 8 AM class causing the unavoidable dispersal of random clothing articles, homework and towels strewn across the floor.

My number one tip for 12 X 9 living comes from a wise woman here at HGTV. She told me at the beginning of my wonderful internship to “create what inspires YOU”. I’d like to offer that same advice to students facing college life. Inspiration is likely to be stifled by the crazy amount of “stuff” you are tempted to pack into this tiny space. When you are creating your dorm room, focus instead on how much of YOU can be placed there.

Purple dorm room

And remember that fashionable must first be functional. After all, college is first and foremost about study and learning to live well independently. Be creative and take risks but be realistic and practical and understand that most dorms don’t come with housekeepers. If you need some inspiration and real-life tips, check out these stylish savvy dorms that range from fun to flashy.


Inspiring Spaces

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  1. Artwork is a really easy and fairly inexpensive way to turn a dorm room into your home. Plus it's very easy to take with you when you leave.

  2. India King says:

    Quotes are a great way to be inspired and encourage self growth.

  3. bucharoo says:

    Everything should have a place and everything should be in its place so you can grab it in the morning when you are only half awake. If it doesn't have a place, send it home.

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