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The team is packing up the car and we’re about to head out to Chattanooga to start the day. Stay tuned to the blog, or follow us on Twitter – @HGTVDecorating – for all of our updates. Happy Hunting!

Update 8:41 – We’re hittin the road!

Update 10:03 – Rolling into Chattanooga now. Pitstop for some breakfast and use the facilities.

Update 11:05 – We just passed the spaceship house on Signal Mountain. We’ll try and add a photo later.

Update 12:15 – We just wrapped up our first stop. Hilights include: scary Ronald mcdonald, yard art from oil drums, crazy fez, antique linens, and a wooden purse.

Update 1:05 – 2nd stop in Lone Oak. Ray bans, glass bottles, beer buckets, and sand beads.

Update 1:45 – Making our way through Dunlap. Spotted a roadside gold buyer. Heading to the cookie jar cafe for lunch.

Update 2:30 – We made it the Cookie Jar Cafe. Everyone is getting a meat and three sides. Lisa: chicken tenders, Kelley: fried catfish, Leslie: grilled meatloaf, Chad: chicken & dumplings. Too many sides to list here.

Our first two stops were great. We could have spent the entire day without driving more than 20 miles. We decided to press on and try our luck with some of the stops with more than just a few vendors. It seems like some people come back to the same places year after year. We’ve got about 50 miles from here to Crossville, and we’d like to hit at least another 3 or 4 large sales before the day is out. I can see why people spend the entire weekend doing this. It also sounds like some places have been setup since Monday or Tuesday. I imagine you could spend a week just driving up 127 and still find plenty to keep you busy.

Update 6:15 – sorry for the lack of updates. Surprisngly, route 127 isn’t covered in 3G wireless Internet. We’re almost in Crossville on our 3rd stop of the afternoon. We’ve been keeping a list if tips, like designate a time and place to meet up, that we’ll post after we get back to Knoxville.

Picture update – Here’s Kelley’s haul: 6 blue cocktail glasses, 6 pink Depression Glass plates, a wooden bowl (perfect for salad-for-two), 2 hankies, a McCormick teapot in great condition, a bunch of Ball and Mason jars with zinc lids and a necklace made from a shard of blue-and-white china. Total spent: $84!

Kelley's haul from the yard sale - total spent: $84

Kelley's haul from the yard sale - total spent: $84

Here’s a close-up of the bowl:

Wooden bowl with hankies and necklace

Wooden bowl with hankies and necklace

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  1. MarkTurley says:

    My Wife and I started at Crossvolle, Tenn. and made to somewhere South West of Lexington, Ky in two days. It was our first 127 sale. We learned a lot. We could have spent a whole day in Crossville but we were excited. We have ideas for next year and places we will make room reservations for well in advance. We had a blast. We took our video camera and did a blow by blow of our trip. We ran into the HGTV Crew while they were taping in Crossville. We had fun with them while taping and will be posting some footage for everyone to see. We didnt have a truck. Only a small Chevy Cavalier with a "strap on" strap on truck bed that is. A big part of the adventure was trying to figure out how to get all the stuff on or in our little car. We drew a lot of attention as we went along on our journey. People commented and some even took photos of our little car. We are from St. Albans, WV and drove over 800 miles in 4 days. We were sure glad to get to that Holiday Inn in Lexington, have a cocktail, hit the pool and go to the Outback Steak House.


    We drove in from Chicago and did Ky and Tn. We were eager with anticipation every mi of the way. We bailed after a day ,the key word here as my friend so aptly put it is," yard sale" not flea market… it didn't take us long to learn that if we saw there was polyester hanging in the yard (too much clothes) or corrals of Fisher Price we crossed it off and kept on going. We started out at dawn on Thursday and being veterans of years of garage sales, flea markets and the like we came armed and ready for a "find". We were defeated by the wares and can only say we were glad we discovered Opryland and Brown County on our way hightailing it from the 127.

  3. Our thanks to everyone who participated in this year's "World's Longest Yardsale – the 127 Corridor Sale"!! See you next year, August 5-8, 2010!__Walt Page, Executive Director__Fentress County Chamber of Commerce__Headquarters of the World's Longest Yard Sale

  4. Trina says:

    We started out in Gadsden, AL and headed north. It was amazing at all the sales! Some people had antique store prices, some "real" yard sale prices! That's what we came for, the bargains! We had the best luck in AL and GA for the selection and prices. We only went 50 miles North of Chattanooga, TN and turned around and headed south again as the sales were few and far between in TN and the prices were too high! We got a van load and were happy! The AL and GA people were friendly and fun to talk with and had the best prices and we got lots of "treasures" at great prices!

  5. [...] hope everyone enjoyed our live coverage from the Route 127 sale last week.  Of course, it happened to be the same day that Twitter went [...]

  6. great write up on the givecamp. hoping that we will have something in the AZ area going soon and this should be helpful

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