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I hope everyone enjoyed our live coverage from the Route 127 sale last week.  Of course, it happened to be the same day that Twitter went down, so we weren’t able to tweet out our findings like planned, but we did take lots of notes and pictures.  Hopefully everyone else had as much fun on their adventures as we did.  Here are a few tips we picked up a long the way.

Bargains and DiscountsBefore

  • Have an idea of what you’re looking for. There’s endless stuff to wade through, and it helps to have a clear direction.
  • Expect to be stuck in traffic. Narrow roads + lots of cars = having to wait patiently.
  • Bring cash. Bring more if you’re looking for large furniture pieces. Bring more than that if you’re looking for true antiques and valuables.
  • Bring a measuring tape. Also, measure any spaces at home that you may be looking to fill.
  • Bring a camera! Even if you’re not blogging like us, there will be places and people that you will want to remember.
  • Start early with a good night’s rest.
  • Have a plan for where you want to start and each day of the sale.
  • Bring a large shoulder bag with you to carry items. It will make it easier than having to go back and forth to the car.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and sneakers!
  • Bring a GPS, especially if you want to venture off the main road for food. It will also help in finding hotels and gas stations.
  • Bring a cooler loaded with ice, water and snacks.


  • If you’re traveling with a group, pick a time and place to meet.  Some of the sites were very large.
  • If there’s a decent restroom, use it! Even if you don’t really have to go, you’ll be happy when the next 3 sites don’t have facilities.
  • Ask locals where to eat. Some of the better eats may be off the beaten path.
  • Remember to take pictures of interesting items and people you meet along the way.
  • If you see something you like, buy it. Otherwise you may be thinking about the one that got away all day.
  • But, don’t spend all your money at the first stop.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a power nap on the side of the road or in a parking lot.



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