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With only 22 hours and $10,000, the six remaining designers are challenged with making over living rooms, dining areas and offices for two deserving military families. Watch the sneak peek of the episode:

Want design ideas from the set? Candice, Genevieve and Vern offer their exclusive design tips from HGTV Design Star.

Tune in this Sunday at 10/9c to see what happens.



2 Responses

  1. Daisy Hoffman says:

    I know that the judges are professionals, but there maybe someone cancelled who could been dynamic! I, myself, hopes that David wins.

  2. lsimo says:

    I respect the judges and their opinions, people tend to neglect that these three are experienced. Besides, most of what has been seen so far has been edited and put out there on tv purposely so don't go by everything you see. I love the show because as a creative person, I can and have learned alot. I also learned alot about myself and how people percieve that job you do for them. The other good parts about this show is that it's entertaining, a positive enforcer for artists and it's better than watching people having sex or killing while cursing…lol.

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