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I had a great time at The New York International Gift Fair last month. The hall was filled with hundreds of exhibitors showing off the latest and greatest in gifts, trends and style. I stopped by the Japanese Pavilion and discovered a few things that definitely caught my eye.

Marna Spatulas

Marna Spatulas

Marna provided a sneak peek at their sweet, colorful housewares. Although the full line isn’t available in the US yet, you can find a few items at the MOMA store.



I couldn’t stop raving about the ID Guard Stamp from PLUS Corp. Available in a variety of colors, the stamp boasts a specially made pigment-based permanent ink that hides address labels when it’s time to recycle. No more shredding, this gadget does the trick.



Okay, this is just plain cute and no calorie counting. Prairie Dog makes these gorgeous towels that look just like dessert (the strawberries are magnets).

Next time I’ll have more great finds from the Gift Fair.

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  1. [...] my last post about the NY International Gift Fair I mentioned my finds at the Japanese Pavilion. I found a few [...]

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