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I got a press release today from alluminaire.com reporting the launch of their DIY custom wallpaper site. My first thoughts were: Meh, another example of technology gone bad and How much is this wallpaper gonna cost?

Alluminaire custom wallpaper

Alluminaire custom wallpaper

I take it all back. I just spent a very fun 10 minutes playing with their custom wallpaper tool, which lets you drag and drop a variety of patterns and colors, size them up and down, and see them displayed with a couple of furniture options. Prices start at what seems like a reasonable $8/sq ft (I did a quick search on “custom wallpaper” and found prices ranging from $6-$15/sq ft). Here are a couple more examples:



Have you bought custom wallpaper before? Would you do it again? I’m dying to know — I have a bookcase this wallpaper would look great in:



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