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Have you ever browsed through Designers Portfolio and thought to yourself, “I love these rooms, but where can I find that lamp? My local Target just doesn’t carry things like that!” Well fret no longer Etsy is here to rescue you from the mundane world of big-box retailers. If you’re not familiar with Etsy here’s how they describe themselves.

Big_Etsy_Logo_SmallOur mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers. Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice:
Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.

This week Etsy featured several rooms from HGTV’s Designer’s Portfolio in their Get The Look: Decor series. Taking inspiration from a designer’s room, Etsy has hand-selected some amazing vintage furniture and handmade decor accents. Have a modern living room? Check out these Stacked Plywood Nesting End Tables. Got a contemporary kitchen? These one-of-a-kind Shade Pendants are a must! For more modern inspiration, check out all of Etsy’s selections.

We’re already feeling the Etsy love in the comments area. Are you an Etsy user? Do you have your own Etsy shop? Let us know!

BlueCrushBeads: Everything is gorgeous!! HGTV is one of my favorite channels to watch.

LiLYorkieFruFru: Love HGTV and love modern designs! Great topic :)


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  1. Cheri says:

    As a long time DIY'er I am so happy to read this! You can help support the Arts by supporting the talented Etsy artisans, Vintage sellers and great Supply shops. Many thanks!
    *Art from the heart of the Rockies!

  2. MiaSophia says:

    Etsy is the way to go for unque and one of kind! No more box store, same as all the neighbors! You own unique, new look just a few clicks away at Etsy.com

  3. Annie B says:

    I don't have cable, but do watch HGTV when I am staying somewhere that does. Love your design shows. If you are in the market for raku pottery stop by http://www.wildweeds.etsy.com Thanks for melding two great things together!

  4. HGTV is a staple in my house. I absolutely adore the wonderful variety of the decorator shows. I do sell on Etsy and just might have the vintage piece to add that finishing touch, that's missing.

    you can find me at:


  5. Val Bolen says:

    It is SO exciting to see that hgtv is mentioning etsy! I am absurdly loyal to both Etsy and HGTV. Come see my shop at valnorthwoods.etsy.com.

  6. carrie60 says:

    For OOAK unique and custom stained glass home decor, functional art please visit my shop at


  7. HGTV rocks! Thanks for shedding the spotlight on fabulous handmade and retro pieces from Etsy. The fun and functional vintage home wares collection in my shop, Comfuzzled, help take the edge off of modern living…come by!


  8. We love HGTV and get much inspiration for the remodeling of our old farm house from the how to features. Teaming with Etsy and the handmade community will be a real plus for those of us who desire to work from home and revive this economy one set of crafting hands at a time.

  9. x xEllen says:

    Finally!!! i've been in love with both Etsy & HGTV for many years…even have written about HGTV in my blog describing my disappointment that I didn't win the Sonoma Dream House…still waiting on a recount.
    Even displayed my messy art studio in hopes the "HGTV fairy" might grant me a wish to revamp it (hint, hint!).

    I'll be waiting for you "HGTV fairy" at:

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