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This month I’ve been spotlighting lots of cool items that I found while attending the NY International Gift Fair. There was so much to see I could have spent days exploring. Two more stand outs that I discovered were the creations from Anne Taintor Inc and Artecnica.


Artecnica is an LA based company that creates design with a conscience. Commissioned by global ad giant TBWA, they were asked to recycle large format billboards. The gorgeous results by the studio’s designer Tord Boontje, include a line of floral inspired pendent lamps all packed and shipped flat for minimum impact on the environment but maximum impact on style.


I also love the various items offered from Anne Taintor Inc. The vintage images are coupled with cheeky captions and featured on everything from magnets to coin purses. The line continues to expand and they are now featuring their first African-American ladies.

I can’t wait until next year’s show to make even more discoveries.

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