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As a new homeowner,   I made a classic mistake.  I painted my entire kitchen with what I hoped would be a cheery, sunny yellow.  Imagine my surprise when I looked around and saw a room that more closely resembled a radioactive banana.   As in,  get out your protective eyewear.

Now what if you’d made the same mistake in every room of your house?  How great would it be if someone came in and erased all those color catastrophes for you?  HGTV’s Blank Canvas does just that for one very impulsive,  and perhaps slightly misguided family.

The Gibsons' living room before the Blank Canvas treatment.

The Gibsons' living room after the Blank Canvas treatment

In this one-hour special,  designer Monica Pedersen steps in to help the Gibsons start from scratch.  Literally.   With a dramatic floor-to-ceiling whitewash called the  ”Blank Canvas treatment,”   Monica teaches the family to see color in a whole new way.   You may be surprised at their reaction, and the results!

Blank Canvas airs this Sunday, October 4,  at 5pm.

The Gibsons' living room after the Blank Canvas treatment.

The Gibsons' completed living room makeover

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  1. dpisme says:

    I guess families love what they can get for free, why don't we see pictures of what they did with the space, say a month after HGTV left?

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