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We are excited! Style expert Cindy Crawford will be chatting live on our blog Thursday, Oct. 29, from 1 to 3 pm ET to answer your design and decorating questions.

Cindy Crawford

After rising to superstardom in the fashion industry, Cindy is now making a beautiful mark in home design with her own home furnishings collection, Cindy Crawford Style for JCPenney. “As a mom and wife born in the Midwest, [JCPenney and I] share similar values,” Cindy says. “And we wanted the same things for Cindy Crawford Style: effortless design and enduring timeless styles.” Cindy spent years traveling the world finding inspiration to turn her home into a sanctuary. Now she would like to share her style tips and what she’s learned along the way.

Make sure and ask your decorating question to get style advice from an icon. Submit a question by leaving a comment on this blog post. Check back for more on Cindy’s live chat!

95 Responses

  1. Sherry says:

    My husband and I have a running debate: rugs or no rugs on top of our home's hardwood floors. He loves the natural wood underfoot, whereas I'd like to add some softness and color. We are in the process of finishing our home office which occassionally doubles as a guest room. We painted the walls a bold but beautiful turquoise and added a new white cushion to our futon. I'm sewing black and white embroidered curtains. It is coming together, but I really want to buy a large area rug to pull the colors together and to soften up the room. He won't hear of it, especially with the cost of decent rugs these days. Any advice?

    • DWellen says:

      Put the rug in. He WILL LOVE IT for a few moments under his feet. It's ALL about different textures.

    • pam says:

      I'm with adding a rug for some softness and color!

    • mendon01 says:

      How about using a large area rug in the room that way you can still appreciate the hardwood floors, and still have the softness under your feet. Not to mention that hardwood floor add value to your home so you wouldn't want to damage them.

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  3. Meredith says:

    I always seem to have trouble mixing patterns together. I guess I am pattern-phobic as everything seems to be solid colored in our home–at times I am able to bring in 1 pattern to the mix, but never more than 1. Tan, brown and red in the living room/dining room/kitchen (our great room), blue and brown in our media room, pale green and tan in our guest room, and paleblue-green and chocolate brown in the master bedroom, Do you have any advice for adding some pattern and mixing multiple patters in a room into our dull solid world?

  4. ana puello says:

    I just bought a sectional sofa with a right hand chaise. I am having a difficult time arranging it in my living room. I had a left hand chaise sectional before and my living room was cozy and comfortable, now the right side is overlapping with the tv unit. My living room is very big; I have a door from dining room to living, tv unit between two windows and french doors from living room to a bedroom. How can I arrange my new furniture without sacrificing comfort and warmth? Please help?

  5. scarlet barksdale says:

    please please please cindy will you answer this: you wore a necklace [dog tag style] several years back that had pics of ur kids on one side and swarofsky crystals on the other. WHO made that/who was the vendor or where did you get it? i will be watching…please if you know and can answer i am dying to know! or how can i reach someone from your team who might could help me?

  6. @wilgeshouse says:

    i am in the process of updating my bedroom. i'm torn on what color palette to chose that will have a timeless effect as i am not a fan of changing things often. Cindy, what color choices would you suggest that may carry me through a couple years or so?

  7. Quagmire says:

    Hello Cindy,
    In last weekend's episode of "Family Guy," Peter Griffin fell in love with a life-size cutout of Kathy Ireland. Do you have any plans to appear on "Family Guy" this season, either as yourself or in cutout form? Thanks.

  8. Wendy says:

    I loved your furniture styles for your Rooms to Go collection, especially the CIRCULAR sectional couch. I am so disappointed that it's no longer offered. Is there anywhere – closeout etc. – that I could possibly find that piece? Thank you!

  9. Theresa brown says:

    Cindy i have cherry wood bedroom furiture what colors would you pick to paint the walls iam having trouble deciding. thanks Theresa

  10. home decor guy says:

    These days we are hearing a lot about Green products. For home decor products how do we classify something as a green Home Decor product.

    Home Decor Guy

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